CBM Meeting Minutes September 13, 2023

President: Will Presley called meeting to order at 6:33pm

Members Present: Bob Pharris, Bob Schinker, Mark Kibble, Joe Wilcox, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, Sean Geer, James Maynard, Matt Bertram, Rob Doughty, and Will Presley

Guest: Dave Sprow

Reading of August Meeting Minutes

Treasure Report: $2,732.70

Old Business: His and Her tournament at Alum Creek, New Galena Ramp, on September 23rd, entry fee $100.00 per team with 80 percent payback. Fish from safe light to 1:00pm.

New Business: Club dues ($110.00) will be due at November 8th meeting. Once fees have been confirmed for the OBN and TBF affiliation, information will be shared.

OBN 2024 season Tournament Director, Jeremy Tenwalde

The club will plant a tree in remembrance of Greg’s son.

Upcoming Club Tournament:  Lake St. Clair, October 7th & 8th, at Selfridge Ramp

If you are planning to go up early, please reach out to Matt B. or Bob S. for room accommodations.

Co-Angler fee for tournament is $50.00 per day.

50/50 Winner Mark Kibble

No meeting in October, See you Wednesday, November 8th, @ 6:30pm

Meeting Adjourned: 7:34pm