Meeting Minutes for November 8, 2023

Members Present: 
Terry Hall, Bob Schinker, Joe Wilcox, James Maynard, Chris Fisher, Will Presley, Jay Siefring, Sean Geer, Mark Kibble, Joe Stark, Tim Ward, Rich Carter, and Matt Bertram

President: Will Presley called meeting @6:40pm

Prospective New Members: Tanner Ward and John Sauvers

Treasures Report: $1,122.80

Fishing Report: Rich Carter has been catching some nice fish at Alum Creek

New Business: 

• Congratulations to Will Presley on winning Angler of The Year

• Congratulations to Dan Campbell on winning Co-Angler of The Year

• Congratulations to Brian Vogelsang on Big Bass for the season at 5.48lbs.

• Chris Fisher will be picking up gun raffle tickets for this year’s fund raiser. Please make arrangement to pick up your tickets or plan to be at the next meeting. Everyone is required to sale at least 10 tickets. Funds will be used to pay for room accommodations. If you do not participate in the raffle, you will be required to cover your room expenses. 

• Ohio Bass Nation (OBN) will only have one State Team Qualifier in 2024. The tournament will be June 22nd & 23rdat Rocky Fork. The top TWO boaters and top TWO co-angler will earn a spot in the National Championship.

• The Ohio Bass Federation (TBF) Region 1 is scheduled for May 18th & 19th at Alum Creek.

• The Ohio Bass Federation Student Angler Federation (SAF)is scheduled for May 8th @ Alum Creek.

• Club Banquet scheduled February 24th @ 4:00pm 

Lake Selection for 2024 Season:

Alum Creek 

Clear Fork

Rock Fork

Indian Lake

Portage Lake

O’Shaughnessy Reservoir

Lake St. Clair (2) days. It was discussed making one day at St. Clair a team tournament. More detail to come.?

Next Meeting: December 13th@ 6:30pm

50/50 Winner: James Maynard $28.00

No meeting in January  

Meeting Adjourned: 7:47pm

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