Competitors may participate in the optional side pot for $10

Scoring and Penalties:

  • 1st Place will be awarded 100 points.  Each place thereafter will receive 2 fewer points.  Any angler that participates, but does not weigh a fish, will receive 25 points
  • Tie breakers will be determined by big bass weight, number of fish caught, coin flip
  • Dead fish will carry a penalty of 8 oz. per fish (dead fish cannot be culled, nor can a dead fish be weighed as ‘Big Bass’)
  • Short fish will carry a penalty of 1 lb. per fish
  • Any angler bringing more than the specified limit of fish to weigh-in will have that days catch disqualified
  • Competitors not at the “official check-in point” at the appointed time shall be penalized at the rate of 8 oz. per minute from the total weight of their catch that day, including any weight to be counted towards big bass
  • Any competitor more than fifteen minutes late will lose all credit for the day’s catch


  • Each tournament competitor is required to have a coast guard approved chest-type life preserver on during a tournament when the combustion engine is in operation
  • No competitor will ride in an elevated fishing chair while the combustion engine is running and the boat is in motion
  • Boats must be equipped with a Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher and must conform to the federal, state and local boating laws governing the waterway to be fished


  • A fifty-yard rule between boats is in effect when anchored with the trolling motor removed from the water
  • Only artificial lures may be used during tournaments
  • All bass must be caught live and in a conventional manner
  • Trolling/strolling as a method of fishing is prohibited
  • Only one rod may be in use at one time

See the club charter for further details