March 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for March 10th

President Will Presley called meeting to order @ 7:03pm

Members Present: Al Evans, Bob Pharris, Bob Schinker, Chad Steman, Chris Fisher, Chuck Castle, Dave Sprow, James Maynard, Jason Fairbanks, Karl Guegold, Matt Bertram, Mark Kibble, Michael McClellan, Rob Doughty, Rich Carter, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, Tim Ward, Will Presley

Recognition of Guest: Maggie Potter

Prospective New Members: Donald Adriance and Scott Devault

Treasures Report: Balance $8,013.24, Club paid OBN and TBF dues

Fishing Report: Rich Carter caught 1 fish at Buckeye Lake

Old Business: Youth tournament conflicts with TBF Championship

New Business: Club will not be accepting any new members for the 2021 season

TBF Championship will be held at Salt Fork Lake on June 13th.  There is a 4 fish limit with 2 fish under 15″ and 2 fish greater than 15″ or equal to 15″. Tournament will be 1 day only.

Maggie Potter is working on a conservation project with Olentangy Water Shed, and is looking for volunteers to collect fishing line at Antrim Park and Northmoor Park. If interested please contact Sara Gallaugher, event coordinator. You can reach her at

Tournament Partners for Rocky Fork on Sunday, April 11th, East Shore Ramp

Karl Guegold –                                                                  Bob Pharris – Braden McNamara

Rob Doughty – Mike Ross                                              Terry Hall –

Scott Gordon –                                                                 James Maynard – Dave Sprow

Matt Bertram –                                                                Rich Carter –

Al Evans –                                                                         Bob Schinker –

Tim Ward – Ted Nixon                                                   Chris Fisher –

Mark Kibble –                                                                   Ray Lowe – Jason Fairbanks

Will Presley – Brady Fairbanks                                    Chad Steman

Chuck Castle – Dale Mattox

Meeting Adjourned: 7:43pm


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