September Meeting Minutes 2022

September 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes

President Will Presley called meeting to order at 7:05 pm

Members Present: Bob Pharris, Bob Schinker, Chris Fisher, James Maynard, Joe Stark, Joe Wilcox, Mark Kibble, Scott Gordon, Terry Hall, & Will Presley

Prospective New Members: Rennie Holland and Andy Hill

Treasures Report: $6, 587.07

Old Business:

  • Lake cleanup has been postponed until next year

New Business:

  • Lake selection for the 2023 season at the October meeting
  • Club Dues for the 2023 season will be due at the November 9th meeting. Club Dues $110.00, Club and Bass Nation $165.00, Club and Bass Federation $190.00, Club, Bass Nation and Bass Federation $245.00
  • The Bass Federation 2023 Region 1 will be held at Buckeye Lake on May 20th and 21st
  • The Ohio Bass Nation will have 3 qualifier events for the 2023 State Team. The lakes will be Rocky Fork, Indian Lake, and Lake Erie. The State Team qualifiers will be based off point for the 3 events and there will be NO win and you are in this year.
  • Ohio Bass Nation 2023 Club Team Championship will be at Alum Creek.
  • Ohio Bass Nation 2023 Team Trail lake selection for the 4 events will be Rocky Fork, Indian Lake, Lake Erie and Mosquito Lake. The top team from the trail will earn a spot to the Bassmaster Team Championship, dates yet to be finalized for all events.
  • Ohio Bass Nation College, High School, and Youth Event will be held at Delaware Lake.

Detroit River Pairings and Boat No.

  1. Ray Lowe
  2. Greg Surratt/Michael McClellan
  3. Matt Bertram/Dave Sprow
  4. Rich Carter
  5. Terry Hall
  6. Will Presley/Rob Doughty
  7. Bob Schinker/Joe Stark
  8. Al Evans/Ted Nixon
  9. Scott Gordon
  10. James Maynard
  11. Chris Fisher
  12. Tim Ward
  13. Joe Wilcox

50/50 Winner: Will Presley $35.00

Meeting Adjourned: 7:53 PM


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