March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @7pm

Attendance:  Will, Scott, Ted, Al, Scott C, Bob, Karl, Jason, Rich, Matt, James, Matt, Rod, Dave, Chad, Joe, Kajun, Dale, Joe, Mike

Guest – Bob Schinker

Treasurer Report: 3823.32

Tournament Report – Need to work on permits for tournaments,  Detroit River is only one online.

TBF May 18th & 19th – Will putting together list of who is fishing in regional.  If you have not notified him please do so.

April 27 & 28th Youth Tournament on Rocky Fork – Need Boat Captains – Let Karl know.

April 27th Indian Lake CBM tourney will be moved to a later date due to Youth Event

Bait Making Event with Club Pro Scott Cooke – April 13th @ 10am – Pond Tourney will be held!!

If you haven’t subscribed to Club Email List please do so.

50/50 Was won by nobody since Terry Hall forgot about club meeting.  Points will be deducted.

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