Jersey Updates

Howdy fellas; wanted to share final details on jerseys!

We have commitments for 21 jerseys right now but I figure we will add a few more after our meeting. Based on our initial order being 24 jerseys, NuThreadz quoted us a price of $72 per jersey (add $5 for 3XL, add $10 for 4XL, add $15 for 5XL). That price includes shipping, your name & basic logos on the front of your jersey (our sponsors, B.A.S.S., FLW, Ranger Cup, etc). If we add more that will continue to drive the price down.

That price does not include CCAP’s & the Cymack Group’s $20 sponsorship contribution for each jersey. (You’ll have to ask Rod how many jigs he will make you for having Deadhole on there!)

If you are considering adding logos to the back of your jersey, any custom jersey (meaning not the exact same as the club jerseys) will be priced at $82 each. If there are any logos not already in NuThreadz’ library there will be a set up fee per logo to draw them into format. Typically that runs $15-20 per logo.

If you have a hard copy of your completed order form please bring it to tomorrow’s meeting. If you need a form or if you’d like to send me a completed digital form, just message me with your email. You can either bring cash or a blank check so we can sort out payment.

Finally, if you haven’t voted in our jersey poll please do so! If you have questions feel free to post them below.

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