CBM May Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order @ 7:18 pm due to hunting for more chairs, because we had more people…all a good thing.

Attendees:  Mike, Jeff, Al, Brian Dan, Jason, Bob S, Chat, Matt, Kevin, Karl Terry, Scott Rich, Will, Rennie (Good to See ya Rennie)

Guest:  Hartley Hawgs Youth Team, Joe Manbeck, Ray Ferrell

Scott read April minutes

Jeff read out treasury report $2,517.81

Fishing Report – Updates from Indian, Guntersville, & Grand Lake St Mary’s

CJ Brown Sunday May 8th 6am – Meet @ truck stop on 42 @ 5am

Brian – Mike

James – Bob

Al – Kevin

Terry – Jason

Dan – Andy

Will – Dave

Matt – Kajuan



Ray Ferrell (New Member) – Guest Potential New Member

Karl took the HH Team through details on Youth Tourney – Alum Creek & Indian Lake and pairings were made with CBM team.

Region 1 has a 4 Man Team tourney at Clear Fork on May 21st – If interested and not fishing Deer Creek and member of TBF let Will know before Monday.

BASS has a new shirt they are selling for $25 and a portion goes to the Youth team.  I will see if I can get a picture and post.

50/50 – Chad

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