July CBM Meeting Minutes

CBM Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7PM.

Attendance:  Will, Terry, Chad, Ted, Mike, Dave, Dan, Bob P, Rob, Jason, Kajuan, Matt, Scott

Scott read out June meeting minutes.

Treasurer report – $2,637.92

Tournament Report -Alum Creek Top 4

Top Four

Lake Erie July 29 & 30th – CBM will use a 3 Fish Limit

Rich – Dave

Will – Ted

Rob – Mike

Terry – Matt

Rod – Brian

Damon – Kajuan

Bob P – Chad

Jeff – Jason

Dan – Al




For now I have Jeff, Scott, Bob, Matt, Dan going up on Thursday.  If there are any others let us know.

Old Business – Youth Fishing Derby was attended by Dave and Ted who assisted the youth with getting setup, baiting hooks, and sounds like they caught some fish.  Sounds like this takes place a couple times a year.

Line Recycle Project was put into play this past weekend at Alum Creek New Galena Ramp.  On Tuesday night Will and Bob discovered that line has already been discarded into the recycle box.  I call this a success.  Will, Bob will check during TECT Tourneys on Tuesday nights.  We still need to install the second unit at State Ramp, possibly can do it after OBN on Sunday.

New Business – Bow Tie Baits was in the house last night showing off their new baits since they couldn’t make it to iCast this week.  I know I was impressed and will be placing a order and sponsorship.

Will discussed Fish Structure options for Buckeye Lake to be presented to a committee in August.  The thought is to make it user friendly to all fisherman, duck hunters, bird watchers, and dock owners.  CBM team will need to help out in next few weeks make up some full scale demos that can be shared at the upcoming meeting.

Terry “Dad” Hall got a new phone.  No not a smart phone, just his normal flip phone.  He has lost all his contact information.  So if you have him in your contact him via a phone call so he can add you to his contact list.  It will make him so happy.

Bob P won 50/50 $29  It’s been a good week winning Alum last Sunday and 50/50 tonight.  Need to buy a lotto!

CBM Would like to Thank our Sponsors

Mr Twister Baits

McCain High Performance Rods

Central City Auto Parts

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