CBM 2015 February Meeting Minutes

Will Presley called meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Bob P, Jeff, Ted, Bob S, Terry, Rob, Scott G, Roy, Chris, Dave, Rod, Matt, Brian, Mike, Travis, Tyler, and Karl.

Guest:  James Maynard

Jeff Leonard – Treasury report $2,244.72 – Also brought forward some trueup work needs to be done with CBM Bank Account.  Jeff will look into whats needed.

Rod Russell – Tournament Director brought forward and explained the proposed points system.


Karl Guegold- Hoover Fishing Seminar – CBM members are being asked to volunteer for parking and help with the seminar scheduled for February 21st.  This will be held at Walnut Springs School need to be there around 5:30am.  (Bob P, Scott G, Matt, Chris, Bob S showed a raise of hands for assistance.  More details will follow prior to event.

Karl will need boat captains for upcoming kids events.  Pencil in May 9th for Alum Creek.  June 6 or 7th for Rocky Fork.  Need to accommodate 18 kids.

Boaters please bring a copy of your boat insurance declaration in next meeting to provide to Will for TBF and OBN paperwork.

Ohio Bass Nation – Team events can be fished with whom ever you may want to fish with.  The Regional Team event at Lake Erie will be done via 2014 points.

Banquet will be February 28th @ 5pm please RSVP to scott.gordon1@att.net with how many will be with you and what dish you will bring if you haven’t already provided.

Club Jerseys – If anyone not at the meeting who wishes to place a order please get in touch with Scott Gordon 614-419-3077 for details.

Matt Bertram will be putting together a CBM Facebook page here real soon which should make it that much easier to communicate.

50/50 – Will Presley

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