CBM January Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

CBM kicked off 2017 with a crowd at January’s meeting.  You would have thought they were passing out money!

It was great to see everyone there and also some old members coming back to rejoin the club.

Will Presley – called the meeting to order at 7:09

Attendance:  Chris, Al, Kajuan, Allex, Brian, Damon, Ted, Rob, Matt, Chad, Bob S, Scott C, Rod, Karl, Dale, Jeff, Bob P, Mike, Will, James, Scott, Jason, Dave,

Guest: Eric Huber, Grant Hack, Jay Bucci, Eric Carsten

Scott – read out December minutes

Jeff – read out treasurery report $2322.76

Rod – Lakes are picked and dates will be worked out over the next month.

Old Business – Matt/Will will be setting up a date to work on line recycle project

TBF Meeting February 4th

Bass Nation Meeting February 5th

Hoover Fishing Seminar – February 18th – CBM will assist in Parking Cars, Sub Building, and Vendor area.  Volunteers – Al, Matt, James, Bob P, Will, Scott G, Andy, Kajuan, Chris, Mike and Terry if needed.

Youth Tournaments – Karl will need boaters for May 6, June 3 & 4, and sometime in August.


Guntersville – Rod is working on lodging for Big Bass Splash

Rod – Matt, Allex & ?, Scott C & ?, Chris – ?, Rob – Terry, James – Son, Jason get with Allex, Scott or Chris

Scott G – Ray Noe will be staying over Kadiz Cove.

50/50 $58 Mike

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