September Meeting Minutes

September Minutes

Will Presley called the meeting to order at 7PM

Attendees: Kajuan, Scott G, Terry, Bob S, Rod, Will, Jeff, Ted, Dave, Rob, and Mike

Guest: Wade Pritsel

Secretary Report – Scott Gordon read out July meeting minutes

Treasurer Report – Jeff Leonard read out 938.94 for bank and 204 to deposit – Jeff will meet next week with Dave to complete paperwork to file for tax exempt.

Tournament Director – Rod Russell

Rocky Fork – October 4th 7am at North Shore Ramp

Time 7am to 3pm

Will – Jeff

Chris – Matt

Terry – Mike

Scott – Bob S

Dan – Andy

Rob – Dave

Rod – Kajuan


Al – Ted

Three of the Columbus Bassmasters team just returned from fishing on State Team in the Norther Divisional.

Terry Hall

Brian Vogelsang

Rob Doughty

Overall the team from Ohio finished 4th as a team and brought home 3rd place money.  Too bad Illinois didn’t believe in themselves.

Terry Hall aka "Santa Claus"
Terry Hall aka “Santa Claus”
Ho Ho Ho...OH
Ho Ho Ho…OH

I doubt if he will ever be asked during a weigh in to say HO HO HO any more.. or you may hear IO back..

Brian Vogelsang aka "Alien"
Brian Vogelsang aka “Alien”

I tell ya you don’t go far between hearing about Alien stories when you mention Brian’s name.  This year it wasn’t what he was dreaming it was what he was fishing for.  The story goes that he set the hook on this 13 in smallie and before he got it to the boat a Alien fish ate the smallie and gave him the thought that he went under a rock.  But then the rock began to move, then made one more deep dive before coming off.  Brian was hoping he could land the Alien fish and take home the trophy.  But instead he landed his small mouth which stayed alive through weigh in.

alien fish
alien fish
Rob Doughty
Rob Doughty

Rob your going to have to put more than 4 crank baits in your tackle box next year!!

Glad you guys got to represent us this year.  Congratulation to Nick Leonard for making it on to the Bass Nation Nationals.

We also want to wish Will Presley, Rod Russel and Scott Cooke who will be leaving on Saturday to fish at Lake Carlyle in Illinois in the Bass Federation.. Good Luck!!

Old Business

September 26th & 27th If you are fishing Ohio Federation Championship needs to print out there form and mail entry with money in.  Provide if you are going to be a boater, non-boater or will do either one.  You have had to qualify earlier in year at Indian or Alum.

Lodging – Still being looked into.

Ohio Bass Nation – 2 Man Team Tourney – Lake Erie September 12th & 13th – Boater should print out form and mail your entry in for you team.

Boater                      Non-Boater

Scott Gordon       James Maynard

Terry Hall             Brian Vogelsang

Scott Cooke          Chad Stemen – Alternate Dave Sprow – Will will discuss with Chad.

Rob Doughty        Bob Stowe

Launching at Sandusky City Ramp

New Business

The club got together at CCAP and completed building out the Eco Boat Washer.  It will be taken down to Rocky Fork on October 4th.  It will be a good project to see how many boats we can actually wash using solar and battery back up.   I will update the website soon since just got some pictures on the build out.

50/50 $30 Scott Gordon

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