September Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting at 7pm

Attendance: Jason, Bob S, Ted, Will, Kajun, Dave, Scott, Rennie, Rob, Mike, Terry

Guest – Dale

Secretary read out of last month minutes

Treasurer Report – none avaliable

Tournament Report – Clear Fork be at ramp at 6:30 for 7am launch

Scott – Dave

Andy – Ted

Al – Mike

Dan – KVD

Rod – Bob S

Bob P – Chad

Chris – Jason

Rich – Jay

Terry – Rennie

Rob – Matt

Old Business

Jerseys – Club would like to review design on Jerseys from Nuthreadz.

Color Red/Gray

Like pricing on 5X

Club feels there would be enough orders to fill

Buckeye Lake is a go, there will be a meeting upcoming to discuss fish structure

New Business

TBF Region 1 looking to fish Griggs/OShea next year

Dues are due for TBF at October meeting

Upcoming Tourneys Bass Nation

Folds of Honer

Husband/Spouse/Daughter/Girl Friend – October 8th Deer Creek

50/50 Terry Hall $19


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