2018 AOY Champions

2018 AOY Champions

The race came down to the end with a last tournament shootout and at the end we had a tie for AOY with Scott Gordon and Bob Pharris.  Congrats to both.

Tie breaker are as follows:

Season Standings Tiebreakers

1. Number of Bass Caught (Season) Gordon 24 / Pharris 20

2. Big Bass Weight (Season) Gordon 4.61 / Pharris 4.77 (If number of fish was tied)

If Rod Russell would have finished one place higher in the last tournament we would have had a three way tie.

Congratulations to Scott Gordon for AOY Angler Champion for 2018.

Congratulations to Colten Didion for AOY Co-Angler Champion.

Scott Gordon – AOY Angler 2018
Colten Didon – AOY Co-Angler 2018

Clear Fork Results

Clear Fork Results

We had 23 anglers participate at Clear Fork and brought 19 fish to the scales.  You have to say the bite was tough.  Total weight was the lowest of the year for just under 30 pounds.

Top Honors go to Bob Pharris who had two fish for 4.49 pounds.


Clear Fork October 7th

Clear Fork Reservoir

The bite was surely tough when you see the most at the scale of three fish, and Bob Pharris takes honors with a two fish win.  That may just catapulted him into a AOY Championship.  Results should be posted soon.

Bob “Happy” Pharris
Rich Carter
Dale Mattox

Bob 1st, Dan 2nd, RIch 3rd, Dale 4th

September Meeting Minutes

September Minutes

  1. Will called meeting to order at 7PM

Attendance:  Will, Rod, Terry, Joe, Dave, Jason, Rob, Scott, KVD, Bob

Scott read out minutes from August

Treasurer Report $531.02

Tournament Director – Clear Fork October 7th @ 6:30 fish from 7 to 3

  1. Rich – Ted
  2. Rod – Dave
  3. Rob – KVD
  4. Scott – Brian
  5. Matt – Chad
  6. Bob – Mike R
  7. Will – Dale
  8. Terry – Jay
  9. Jeff – Coulten
  10. Dan – Jason
  11. Joe
  12. Mike M

Fish Structure Workshop will take place at CCAP on October 14th

Yearly Dues are due by November 5th – there was a motion raised and seconded to raise dues to the following:

Affiliate with BASS – $45

Affiliate with TBF – $80

Club Dues – $110

  • If you affiliate with Club, Bass & TBF $235
  • If you affiliate with Club & Bass $155
  • If you affiliate with Club & TBF $190
  • If you non-affiliate  just club member $110

November 5th TBF meeting @ ODNR

50/50 – Ted $25

Rocky Fork Pictures

Rocky Fork September 9th

I am not sure how much rain fell over night or on Sunday, but it was the most water I have seen in Rocky Fork since I have been fishing it.  It was up in the parking lot on North Shore ramp when we released our fish.

Points race it tightening up with Russell and Pharris gaining ground.  Clear Fork will be a good one.  Don’t miss it!!

Rod Russell – First Place
Bob “Happy” Pharris – 2nd Place
Scott Gordon – 3rd Place

Matt Bertram – Big Bass

Rich Carter – Fourth Place

Top Four – Rocky Fork

Meet up Sunday am

Rocky Fork

We will meetup at Marathon Station @ London Groveport Rd and will pull out at 5am. So if you need gas or ice get there before 5am.  Train is leaving.

Looks like we will have a wet day due to Tropical storm Gordon moving through.

Bring your rain suit, little rain and falling pressure may be the ticket..

Rocky Fork Lake (Highland County) – Fishermen are trying their luck for largemouth bass with decent results. Most of the successful anglers are concentrating their efforts on the main lake anywhere they can find weeds. Fish a spinnerbait or buzzbait right in the weeds for best results in the summertime.

August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order at 7pm

Attendance Will, Scott, Jeff, Bob, Terry, Rob, Matt, Ted, Dave, Joe

Treasurer Report – 939.52 (2 people ow jerseys and $320 Sponsor)

Tournament Director – Discussion on Lake Erie Weekend

3 fish club limit and weigh in 251 pounds of fish in two days.

Clearfork will take place on October 7th

Rocky Fork – North Beach Ramp – be there 6:30 fish 7 to 3.

  1. Terry – Ted
  2. Scott – KVD
  3. Matt – Dave
  4. James -Dale
  5. Jeff – Jason
  6. Joe – Andy
  7. Dan – Brian
  8. Will – Chad
  9. Happy Bob –
  10. Rich –
  11. Rob –

Coulton and Jay will be drawed out at ramp.

Rod will check on Camp Perry pricing for TBF in September.

No other new or old business

50/50 23 Happy