August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order at 7:08

Attendance:  KVD, Will, Damon, Al, Karl, Joe F, Rob, Dale, Joe W, Terry, Dale, James

Treasurer Report – $2,328

Tournament Director:  Detroit River – Elizabeth Park Trenton MI

  1. Al
  2. Rod- Dale
  3. Scott – Brian
  4. Will – KVD
  5. Damon – Dave
  6. James – Joe W
  7. Rob – Ted
  8. Karl
  9. Joe F
  10. Terry – Chad
  11. Matt – Colten
  12. Michael – Jason
  13. Brandon
  14. Bob S

Old Business – Matt has got rooms at

Wyndham Flat Rock29101 Commerce Dr, Flat Rock MI 48134 10 rooms with Double Beds (bring sleeping bag and air mattress if you have)

Bait Making project – Club discussed doing another event once fishing is done for year.

New Business

CBM Club discussed how we could possibly make OBN Team Trail better.  – Joe and Brian will bring something back next meeting.

OBN Folds of Honer – Club may look to make it one of clubs roster tournaments.   Will will discuss with Danny and other clubs.

Adjourned 9:13

Dinner will be servered for the boat captains at Lake Erie Saturday night at East Harbor State Park




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