CBM Meeting Minutes

December Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7pm

Attendance:  Al, Bob S, Brian, Dale, Dave, James, Jay, Joe, Karl, Matt, Rob, Rich, Scott G, Terry, Will

Guest: Tim Ward also joined as new member

Treasurer Report $2727.81

Guntersville – Dale, Rich, Karl, Dave, Matt Rob, Terry, Scott – Jeff Leonard also said he was interesting in joining CBM team at Big Bass Splash.  Jeff just had a 2nd place finish in a ABA tournament on St John’s.  Sold his Bass Cat and has a new one on order fully loaded with Garmin Trolling motor and Electronics.

Roster for TBF has been turned in with Will, Scott, Terry, Rob, Al, Bob S, Karl, Dave, Rich, Joe F, Joe W, John, and Rod.  A second roster will be submitted with the remaining.

TBF Region 6 will hold a tournament in June as a Open Regional

Winner and Co Angler of any regional now will go straight to Qualifer

Wildcard Regional will be for any anglers who didn’t catch fish to qualify for Qualifier.

TBF Open meeting is February 1st.  You must register for lunch at least a week before.

TBF new rule – If your in a regional and don’t show up for 2nd day you could face a years suspension.

TBF will be at Fishing Expo February 7th,8th & 9th and in Cleveland Boat Show 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th.

OBN Club Team Pairings Draft Detroit River

  1. James – Brian
  2. Dan – Colten
  3. Rich – Dale
  4. Joe F – Kajuan
  5. Terry – CHad
  6. Damon – Andy
  7. Joe W – John H
  8. Brandon – Dave
  9. Bob S – Jason
  10. Rob – Matt K
  11. Rod – Tim Ward
  12. Will – TBD
  13. Mike – TBD
  14. Karl – TBD
  15. Matt – TBD
  16. Bob P – TBD
  17. Al – TBD

Youth – Hartley Hawgs will begin havin monthly meetings, Karl is asking for CBM members to come in and talk about lakes in which youth will be fishing in 2020.

50/50 $40 Terry Hall

In closing this being my last meeting minute post I will be doing.  I look back at when I joined CBM in October of 2013.  The club didn’t have a website functioning at the time and we put together this website which has grown over 350 post through the past 6 years.

I have to say that this club is the “real deal” Bass club in Ohio.  It has a great group of members who work very hard to support the sport of fishing for both for the youth and the environment.  When it comes time to fish you will also find them plenty competitive.  My only regret is not having joined them sooner when I moved here in 1996.

I have my two son’s wedding’s next year in May and July and not sure how much fishing I will be able to do.

James Maynard will take over as Secretary in 2020 and I am sure he will manage this very well.  I will help and support him and the club as well but may not be able to make every event.

Thanks & Happy Holidays,


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