May Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order at 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Bob, Scott, KVD, Ted,Dale, Dan, Rich, Terry, Matt, Rob, Bob S,

Treasurer Report:  2933.62

Tournament Director Report – Rocky Fork June 8th North Shore Be at ramp at 6am

  1. Rob-Ted
  2. Matt – KVD
  3. Bob S – Dale
  4. Brandon – Brian
  5. Joe – Andy
  6. Will – Jason
  7. Rich – Chad
  8. Terry – Jay
  9. Al – Colten
  10. James – Joe
  11. Scott – John
  12. Damon – Matthew
  13. Michael – draw at ramp

Buckeye Region 1 TBF – Co-Anglers please pay your link in club $20 per day

OBN Regionals coming up get entry in by Tuesday 8am prior to event

Will gave big Thanks to all CBM guys who assisted him at OBN Rocky Fork Team Event

CBM passed ruling future tournaments you will bring your fish to scale by boat number.

Matt is working on lodging for Detroit River

50/50 Rich $33


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