CBM Members Joined Together to Work On…

Monofilament Line Recycling Stations

Phase 1: Why recycle mono?

  • Environmentally hazardous
    • Monofilament takes up to 500 years to decompose
    • armful to wildlife
  • Potential prop damage
  • Recycled mono has many uses
    • Fish habitat
    • Any plastic product

Phase 2: Placement & Collection

Phase 3: Broadening the Scope

  • Depending upon the success of 2017…
    • Expansion to other bodies of water
    • Grant funding?
    • Possible impact on Buckeye Lake
      • Fish Habs
  • Involvement w/ODNR

Artificial fish habitat or fish attractors

CBM takes a idea to and puts it together.

Bottom line the boys came together and got alot of work done.  Thanks to all that was able to participate.

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