CBM Pairings for Alum Creek (Sunday 6/7/2020)

Parings for Alum Creek (Sunday 6/7/20)
Boat #
1. Joe F. & Al
2. Terry & Ted
3. Scott G. & Will
4. James & Mike R.
5. Bob S. and Blake
6. Rich
7.  Rod & Kajuan
8. Matt & Dale
9. Rob
10. Tim and Jason
11. Dan & Colten
12. Karl and Andy
13.Chad & John
14. Damon & Jay
15. Brandon & Brian
16. Michael & Dave
17. Ray & Brady
18. Mark
19. Chris
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May 2020 Meeting Minutes

May 27th 2020 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Andy Strickland, Blake Johnson, Bob Schinker, Christopher Fisher, Damon Eley, James Maynard, Jason Fairbanks, Joe Farkas, Kajuan Little, Matt Bertram, Mark Kibble, Rich Carter, Scott Cooke, Scott Gordon, Terry Hall, Ray Lowe

Pairings an boat numbers for Indian Lake will be posted tomorrow 5/28.

Next Zoom meeting will be on June 3rd, @ 7:00pm.

Meet at Giant Eagle off of Avery Road, @ 6700 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin, Ohio 43017, by 4:30am.

Entry fee $10.00, please have correct change if possible and pay Matt

We will follow the attached COIVD 19 Guidelines that the OHIO BASS NATION will follow.

COVID 19 Tourament Guidlines

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May 2020 Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes 5/13/2020

President Will Presley called meeting to order at 7:04pm

New Prospective Members: No new prospective members were invited this months Zoom meeting.

Members Present: Bob Pharris, Chris fisher, Dale Mattox, Dave Sprow, Joe Frakas, Karl Guegold, Matt Bertram, Mark Kibble, Rod Russell, Rick Carter, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, Will Presley

Treasures Report: $3,458.55

Tournament Report: All tournaments have been canceled for the month of May

OBN Team Trail scheduled for Saturday, June 6th, at Alum Creek Marine Ramp. Entry fee $110.00, register online only by Monday, June 1st.

CBM club tournament scheduled for Sunday, June 7th, at Alum Creek New Galena Ramp.

OBN State Team Qualifier scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 13th and 14th. Entry fee $200.00 registration online only.

Fishing Report: Bob, Matt, Michael, Scott, and Dale have been fishing Alum. Karl, Rich, Al, Brain , Joe and Jason fished Eric. Dale caught a 4.5 lb largemouth and Matt caught some nice ones at Alum. Jason has a nice smallie and Al had a nice largemouth at Erie.

Will has been in contact with the State, they are working to finalize new tournament rules.

Members with health condition concerns related to COVID-19, may elect to fish by themselves.

Discounts: TH Marine 40% off and Hulk Gear 40% off. Please contact one of the officers for discount code. Must be used by club members only.

Next meeting will be on June 3rd, at 7:00pm.





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April 2020 Meeting Minutes

President: Will Presley called meeting to order at 7:20pm

Member Present: (18) Al Evans, Bob Pharris, Bob Schinker, Brandon Hobbs, Chris Fisher, Dale Mattox, James Maynard, Joe Frakas, Joe Wilcox, Karl Guegold, Matt Bertram, Mark Kibble, Rod Russell, Rich Carter, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, and Will Presley

Treasures Report: $3,458.55

All club permits has been canceled up to May 15th. The club will be looking to re-scheduling tournaments we have missed.

Ohio Bass Nation:

  • The two State Qualifiers have been canceled. They are looking at having one, two day tournament at Alum Creek, on June 13th and 14th.
  • The Club Team Tournament at the Detroit River, is scheduled for July 25th and 26th.
  • The Team Trail will try to host 3 events, but can only do 1 event if needed.
  • No update on college tournament.

The Ohio Bass Federation:

  • All regional tournaments have been canceled.
  • All member will be invited to fish the Championship at Mosquito Lake, on July 18th and 19th.
  • There’s still time left to join the TBF. You can join up to two weeks prior to the first tournament. If interested, please contact Matt to pay your dues.

Conservation Grant: No new information on grant at this time.

Fishing Report:  Scott and Brandon have been catching largemouth and smallmouth at Alum, Karl caught a nice largemouth at a pond, and Joe Frakas caught some nice Walleye at Lake Eric.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:03pm


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April CBM Meeting will be done Online


Under these social distancing guidelines, we will hold our meeting online.  I have put the link in a email and sent out as well as posted it in the FB chat.

If you didn’t get it you can text Scott Gordon 614.419.3077

I recommend you log on now to make sure you can get in.

Also recommend you use Chrome Browser.

Meeting minutes will be posted if you can’t make it.

Stay safe, hope to see you there.


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Big Steve Award Winner Of The Year (2019) – Karl Guegold

The Columbus Bassmasters would like to congratulate Karl Guegold, on winning the Big Steve Award for the 2019 season. He devotes a lot of his time to the Hartley Hawgs Youth program and Columbus Bassmasters.

Thank you!!



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THANK YOU President – Will Presley

Columbus Bassmasters would like to Thank President Will Presley, for all the hard work he does to keep the club on task and the support he provides the the youth and team members.

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Columbus Bassmasters Annual Banquet 2019 Season

There was a lot of good food and we wish more families would of been able to attend.

Terry Hall won the banquet $100.00 gift card door prize.

Karl Guegold won the $150.00 gift card drawing.

Bob Pharris won the 50/50 drawing.


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Congratulations to Scott Gordon & Brain Vogelsang on Winning Angler and Co-Angler

The Columbus Bassmasters would like to Congratulate Scott Gordon and Brian Vogelsang on WINNING Angler and Co-Angler of the year for the 2019 season. Great Job Guys!!!

Scott Gordon – Angler

Brian Vogelsang – Co- Angler

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2020 Youth Event Participation Points

The Columbus Bassmasters Team, start the year off strong by making 223 packages of baits, to support the youth. The following (14) members participated in the event.

Will Presley, Damon Eley, Matt Bertram, Ted Nixon, Bob Schinker, James Maynard, Joe Wilcox, Mike Ross, Terry Hall ,Rob Doughty, Dale Mattox, Bob Pharris, Rich Carter, Karl Guegold

Thanks to all of those that participated


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