July 12th 2023 Meeting Minutes

President: Will Presley call meeting to order at 6:31pm

Members Present: Al Evans, Bob Schinker, James Maynard, Jay Siefring, Mark Kibble, Sean Geer, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, Will Forister, and Will Presley

Requisition of Guest: Fred Urbanek

Treasures Report: $7,157.77

Tournament Report:

  • Will Presley moves on to the Bass Nation Nationals at Lake Hartwell.
  • Delaware Lake 16 angler participated. Will Presley finished 1st place, Bob Schinker 2nd place, and Rich Carter 3rd place.
  • Karl Gluegold finished 2nd in the ABA
  • Rob Doughty holds the Big Bass for the season at 4.42lbs.

Next club tournament is August 26th and 27th, at Lake Erie. Please let Matt know if you are planning to fish, so he can make sure there are rooms for everyone.

Ohio Bass Nation qualifier #3 July 22nd, at the Dempsey Ramp, Lake Erie

Ohio Bass Nation team trail #3 July 23rd, at the Dempsey Ramp, Lake Erie

His/Her Tournament September 23rd, at Alum Creek, entry fee $50.00

TBF National Semi-Final, September 16th and 17th, Detroit River – Elizabeth Park

Meeting Adjourned: 7:28pm

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