Lake Erie Day 1 – July 29th

Lake Erie Day 1

Lake Erie day 1 was a success, high winds and small craft warnings held us all to the bays and harbors.  CBM always uses a 3 fish limit during summer months at Lake Erie to keep fish alive and well!

You can tell here this bunch had a FUN time!

Top Four – Lake Erie Day 1 – Rich Carter, Rod Russell, Ted Nixon, Matt Bertram

Congrats to Ted “Big Fish Nixon” who lowered the boom on everyone on Day 1 Lake Erie!!  Awesome Job Ted!!

Ted Nixon

Rob Doughty

Rich Carter

Chad Steman

Bob Pharris

James Maynard

Jeff Leonard

Dan Campbell

Terry Hall

Rod Russell

Damon Eley

Chris LaFramboise

Scott Gordon – Hey Check My Cover

Kajuan Little

Will Presley Jr.

Mike Ross


Results to follow.


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