CBM Point Standings through 6

CBM Point Standings through 6

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Lake Erie Day 2 July 18th

Lake Erie Day 2

(3 Fish Limit)

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Lake Erie Day 1 July 17th

Lake Erie Day 1 Results

(3 Fish Limit)

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Indian Lake Results June 19th

Indian Lake Results

n/a was Cobb – need to see if he is a member?

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Alum Creek Results May 22nd

Alum Creek Results

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Buckeye Results April 25th

Buckeye Results

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Rocky Results April 11th

Rocky Fork Results


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CBM Minutes July 14th

July Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Will P, Rich, Bob P, Scott Karl, Will F, Ted, Chris, KVD, Dale, Bob S, Rob, Terry

Treasurer – 7958.xx

Lake Erie Tournament

Rich  Will

Terry  Joe

Rob  Colten

Bob S   KVD

Mark  Ted

Karl   Dale



Scott   Michael





Going out of Mizurak be at ramp by 6am


OBN Club Team Tournament

Rich   Will

Rod  Colten

Scott    Brady

Terry   Joe

Matt    KVD

Brandon   James

Rob   Al

Bob S    Chad

Joe F    Jason

Club voted to pay for rooms for Team Club Tournament.


Delaware OBN Folds of Honor/Club Tourney August 8th

Bob P   Chris

Al   KVD

Matt   Will F

Terry   Will P

Scott    Mike

Karl   Andy

Rich   Brady

Bob S   Colten

Rob   Dave

Brandon   Jason

Ray   Joe W

Dan   Michael

Joe F

Tim W


Dan   KVD

I wrote KVD down twice so need to check with Will.


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Jun 2021 Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President: Will Presley called meeting to order at 7:00pm

Members Present: Al Evans, Bob Pharris, Bob Schinker, Chris Fisher, Dale Mattox, Dave Sprow, James Maynard, Karl Guegold, Matt Bertram, Mark Kibble, Mike Ross, Ray Lowe, Rob Doughty, Rich Carter, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, Tim Ward, Will Forester and Will Presley

Treasure’s Report: $7, 958.04

Fishing Report: Will Forester, Colten Didion and Will Presley qualified for the OBN State Team.

Rich Carter finished 3rd in the OBN @ Grand Lake St. Mary’s

Will and Matt placed in the Tuesday night tournament at Alum Creek.

Bob Schinker won tournament at Hoover

Congratulation’s Guys!

Karl would like to thank everyone that were boat captains for the youth. Three teams qualified for Lake Hartwell.

Indian Lake Pairings for Saturday 6-19-21, Lakeview Ramp

Rob Doughty – Ted Nixon                            Bob Pharris –

Scot Gordon – Will Forester                        Dan Campbell – Jason Fairbanks

Terry Hall – Mike Ross                                 Rich Carter –

Karl Guegold – Kajuan Little                      Matt Bertram – Joe Wilcox

Al Evans – Dale Mattox                               Chris Fisher – Brady Fairbanks

Ray Lowe –                                                     Tim Ward – Bob Schinker

Mike McClellan – Colten Didion

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 14th, @ 7:00pm. There will be no Zoom Meeting.

Upcoming Tournaments: Club Tournament, Lake Erie, July 17th, and July 18th, OBN Team Club Championship, Lake Erie, July 31st and August 1st, OBN Team Trail, Delaware Lake, August 7th, Club/Folds of Honor Tournament, Delaware Lake August 8th.

Rooms have been reserved for the lake Erie club tournament for July 16th-18th, @ the Plantation Motel, www.plantationmotel.com

50/50 Winner: Karl Guegold $35.00

Meeting Adjourned 7:31pm

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Ohio Bass Nation Club Team Championship – July 31st & August 1st Pairings

Ohio Bass Nation Club Team Championship                                                        Lake Erie July 31st & August 1st Pairings
Boater Co-Angler
Rich Carter Will Presley
Rod Russell Colten Didon
Tim Ward Kajuan Little
Scott Gordon Brady Fairbanks
Matt Bertram Mike McClellan
Terry Hall Joe Wilcox
Bob Schinker Chad Stemen
Karl Guegold Andy Strickland
Rob Doughty Al Evans
James Maynard Bob Pharris
Brian Vogelsang Brandon Hobbs
Dan Campbell Dave Sprow
Ray Lowe Jason Fairbanks
Joe Farkas Braden McNamara
Alternates: Chuck Castle, Mark Kibble, Scott Cooke
Entry Fee: $200.00 Per Team
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