CBM Members Joined Together to Work On…

Monofilament Line Recycling Stations

Phase 1: Why recycle mono?

  • Environmentally hazardous
    • Monofilament takes up to 500 years to decompose
    • armful to wildlife
  • Potential prop damage
  • Recycled mono has many uses
    • Fish habitat
    • Any plastic product

Phase 2: Placement & Collection

Phase 3: Broadening the Scope

  • Depending upon the success of 2017…
    • Expansion to other bodies of water
    • Grant funding?
    • Possible impact on Buckeye Lake
      • Fish Habs
  • Involvement w/ODNR

Artificial fish habitat or fish attractors

CBM takes a idea to and puts it together.

Bottom line the boys came together and got alot of work done.  Thanks to all that was able to participate.

CBM Minutes February

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Scott, Terry, Al, Karl, Bob P, Dan, Jason, Kevin, Jeff, Rob, James, Jay, Alex, Bob S, Ted, Chris, Rod, Tony, Damon

Scott read out minutes from Janaury

Jeff – Treasurer Report $4,760.76 (still have $100 outstanding on FB Pool, TBF Check)

24 paid/6 unpaid members

Rod – Dates on club tournament by Banquet

There will be not meeting in March since Awards Banquet is March 5th at 1pm.  Everyone bring a dish..

Guntersville Lodging will be over at Buck Island

Environmental Project – February 25th @ 9am

Hoover Seminar Need guys for parking, lunch prep and working door.  If you haven’t signed up please reach out to Karl.  For guys’s parking cars will have a meeting at iHop in Polaris @ 4:30am

Youth TBF at Mosquito Lake is set for August 6th

OBF meeting is February 4th – CBM is meeting at Waffle House @ 7:30am

OBN Meeting is February 5th – CBM is meeting at Marathon in Grove City @ 6:30am

Boat Insurance – Please get a copy of your insurance to Will asap.

Jerseys – Jeff will have details on new Jerseys next meeting

50/50 $43 Dan