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Columbus Bassmasters – Pairings for Event #1 Alum Creek 2022

Columbus Bassmasters 2022 Season Tournament # 1 Alum Creek Pairings April 24th New Galena Ramp Hours:  7:00AM – 3:00PM ___________________________________________ Bob Schinker & Ted Nixon Brandon Hobbs & Mike Ross Brian Vogelsang & James Maynard Chris Fisher & Will Presley … Continue reading

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Delaware Lake Folds of Honor Pairings

Delaware Lake Pairings for Folds of Honor Tournament 8/8/2020 Chris Fisher & Ted Nixon Rich Carter & Chad Stedman Terry Hall & Gerry Thomas Scott Gordon & Andy Strickland Mike McClellan & John Hutson Bob Pharris & Will Presley Bob … Continue reading

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CBM Pairings for Alum Creek (Sunday 6/7/2020)

Parings for Alum Creek (Sunday 6/7/20) Boat # 1. Joe F. & Al 2. Terry & Ted 3. Scott G. & Will 4. James & Mike R. 5. Bob S. and Blake 6. Rich 7.  Rod & Kajuan 8. Matt … Continue reading

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Clear Fork Lake Pairings October 19

Clear Fork Pairings Boater Non-Boater Dan Kevin Karl Ted Brian Bret Jeff Rod Will Dave Terry Rob Bob S Scott Bob P

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Lake Erie Pairings

Lake Erie Saturday August 23 & Sunday August 24th 6:30-2:30 Boater Non-Boater Brian Rob Scott Ted Terry Chris Rod Chad Will Mike/Roy Karl Bob Dan Brett Rennie

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Alum Creek and O’Shaughnessy Pairings

Alum Creek Saturday August 9th New Galena Ramp Meet @ 6am Fish 6:30 – 2:30 Boater Non-Boater Bob Chad Brian Scott G. Jeff Damon Ted Rob Terry Rod Roy   O’Shaughnessy Sunday August 10th Home Ramp Meet @ 6am Fish … Continue reading

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CBM Buckeye Lake Pairings June 1st

Buckeye Lake Pairings Boater Non-Boater Bob Will Dan Dave Brian Ted Terry Chris Scott Kevin Roy Rod Bret Rennie Fairfield Beach Ramp Be there at 6:00am Fish 6:30-2:30.

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Rocky Fork Pairings – May 4th

Rocky Fork Pairings # Angler   Co-Anger 1 Rod – Chad 2 Terry – Jeff 3 Damon – Chris 4 Bob – Dave 5 Scott G – Mike 6 Brian – No-One 7 Bret – Rennie North Shore Ramp Be … Continue reading

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Indian Lake Pairings April 13

Meet at the Lakeview Ramp NLT 6:30am, and fish 7:00am-3:00pm on 4/13. Boater Co-Angler 1 Damon Andy 2 Brian Rob 3 Dan Jeff 4 Bob   5 Bret Mike 6 Chris Dave 7 Terry   8 Rod Will 9 Scott … Continue reading

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