July Meeting Minutes 2022

July 13, 2022, Meeting Minutes

President Will Presley called the meeting to order @ 7:00 pm

Members Present: Al Evans, Bill Cordle, Bob Pharris, Bob Schinker, Christopher Fisher, Dale Mattox, Dave Sprow, James Maynard, Jay Siefring, Joe Stark, Joe Wilcox, Karl Guegold, Matt Bertram, Mark Kibble, Rich Carter, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, and Will Presley

Prospective New Members: Hunter Moss

Treasures Report: $9,258.07

Fishing Report: Andy Strickland, Colten Didion, Will Forister, and Will Presley fish the Ohio Bass Nation State Team on the Mississippi River in Iowa. Andy will be moving on as a co-angler to represent Ohio at Pickwick.

Al Evans, Colten Didion, James Maynard, Joe Wilcox, Rich Carter, and Scott Cooke fished the Ohio Bass Federation Championship. Congratulation to Colten Didion on winning the co-angler division and Scott Cooke on a 2nd place finish in the boater’s division. Most of the team qualified to move on to the TBF National Semi-Finals.

Congratulations to Will Presley and Matt Bartram for their back-to-back 2nd place finish on Tuesday night.

Old Business: Will has installed labels and stickers on the buckets for the collection of old fishing line, baits, and live well treatment.

Upcoming Club Tournaments

Lake Erie – Mazurik Boat Ramp

Saturday 7/16 – 6:30 am – 3:30 pm

Sunday 7/17 – 6:30 am – 2:30 pm

Pairings and Boat #

  1. Tim Ward – Dave Sprow will fish with Tim on Sunday
  2. Scott Gordon – Michael McClellan
  3. Jay Siefring – Jason Fairbanks will fish Sunday Only
  4. Rich Carter
  5. Rob Doughty – James Maynard
  6. Rod Russel and Dale Mattox
  7. Terry Hall and Joe Wilcox
  8. Matt Bertram
  9. Ray Lowe – Andy Strickland
  10. Al Evans – Saturday Only – Dave Sprow
  11. Karl Guegold – Joe Stark
  12. Mark Kibble
  13. Bob Schinker – Ted Nixon
  14. Brian Vogelsang – Kajuan Little
  15. Chris Fisher
  16. Scott Cooke
  17. Greg Surratt – Brady Fairbanks – Sunday Only

Columbus Bassmasters would like to thank Bob Schinker for making fizzing needles for the club.

Ohio Bass Nation State Team Qualifier #2 is scheduled for Saturday 7/23. Do not forget to register by Tuesday morning 7/19.

Update: Ohio Bass Nation Club Team Championship Pairing for Mosquito Lake, August 6th, and 7th, at the State Ramp

  1. Dan Campbell / Bob Pharris
  2. Rich Carter / Chris Fisher
  3. Terry Hall / Will Presley
  4. Matt Bertram / Colten Didion
  5. Bob Schinker / Al Evans
  6. Brandon Hobbs / Joe Wilcox
  7. Rob Doughty / Will Forister
  8. Tim Ward / James Maynard
  9. Ray Lowe / Brady Fairbanks
  10. Rod Russell / Andy Strickland
  11. Joe Farkas / Joe Stark
  12. Bill Cordle / Michael McClellan

50/50 Drawing Winner: Matt Bertram $37.00. Matt donated his winnings in support of Dan Campbell to bring the donation to nearly a $1,000.00.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:16 pm




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