Meeting Minutes May 2022

May 11th Meeting Minutes

Will Presley called meeting to order at 7 pm

Attendees:  Bob P, Mark, Bob S, Will F, Sparky, Al, Ted, Tim, Chris, Karl, Will P & Scott G

Minutes read out from last meeting

Treasurer Report : $8,845.87

Conservation project to have wagon ready with buckets with mesh liners by OBN Team tournament.

TBF – Region 1 Delaware Lake

Co-Angler owes link $40

Bob S- Joe Wilcox

Scott C – Michael M

Mark Kibble – Chuck Castle

Rich – Will P

Rob D – James M

New Business – Club voted to pass hat for collection for Dan Campbell, club will match what club collects.  Voted & Seconded

Bob S – show & tell brought in his talking fish project to share that maybe something that can be added to the Club Cart.  Still work in progress.


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