October 2021 Meeting Minutes

October 13th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President: Will Presley called meeting to order @ 7:00pm

Members Present: Rich Carter, Bob Schinker, Terry Hall, Will Presley, James Maynard, Will Forester, Scott Gordon, Ted Nixon, Chuck Castle, Tim Ward, Karl Guegold, Rob Doughty, Chad Steman, Matt Bertram, Chris Fisher

Recognition of Guest: None

Prospective New Members: None

Treasure’s Report: $2, 603.02

Congratulations! Dan Campbell, Angler 0f Year and Will Presley, Co-Angler Of Year

Club Banquet: Saturday, February 26th, @ 5:00pm

Dues for 2022 season need to be paid by the January meeting, to allow for roasters to be submitted on time.

Club: $110.00,  Club/Bass Nation $165.00,  Club/TBF $190.00,  Club/Bass Nation/TBF $245.00

Ohio Bass Nation: looking at possibly a new format for the State Team qualifiers next season and possibly discontinuing The Folds of Honor Tournament.

Selection of Lakes for 2022 season at November’s meeting

Youth bait making event; Saturday November 13th, @ 9:00am

Club Fundraiser: Gun Raffle tickets to be distributed at November’s meeting

Conservation Project: Will discussed making a fizzing kit

If interested in ALX Rods, please see Chris Fisher or visit: ALXRODS.COM

Meeting Adjourned: 7:52pm

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