May 2021 Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President: Will Presley called meeting to order a@ 7:24pm

Members Present: Al Evans, Andy Strickland, Bob Pharris, Chris Fisher, Chuck Castle, Dale Mattox, Dave Sprow, James Maynard, Jason Fairbanks, Karl Guegold, Matt Bertram, Mike Ross, Ray Lowe, Rob Doughty, Ted Nixon, Terry Hall, and Will Presley

Recognition of Guest: Will Forester

Prospective New Member: Will Forester

Treasures Report: $7,919.46

Tournament Directors Report: Top 4 at Buckeye Lake, 1st Place Will Presley, 2nd Place Jason Fairbanks, 3rd Place Rich Carter, 4th Place Karl Guegold

Fishing Report: Will and Matt finished 5th at Alum on Tuesday night. Al and Brian finished 6th in the Fishers of Men Tournament. Great Job Guys!!

Karl needs a boat captain for Saturday May 22nd, June 12th, and June 13th. Please contact Karl if you are available to help.

Pairings for Alum Creek on Saturday, May 22nd. For those fishing TBF, weigh from Saturday will count toward the club points.

  1. Dan Campbell – Colten Didion

2. Rod Russell – Dave Sprow

3. Terry Hall – Jason Fairbanks

4. Brian Vogelsang – Andy Strickland

5. Scott Gordon – Kajuan Little

6. Chad Steman –

7. Matt Bertram –

8. Brandon Hobbs –

9. Joe Farkas – Will Forester

10. Chris Fisher –

11. Mark Kibble –

12. Chuck Castle – Dale Mattox

50/50 Winner: Will Forester


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