February Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes

Will opened meeting at 7pm

Attendance:  Bob, Scott, Will, Terry, Al, Jay, Chad, James, David, Matt, Ted, Joe, Michael, Rich, Joe W, Joe F, Rob, Brian, Dale, Mike, Brandon

Treasurer – $5,323.03

Tournament Report – CBM will need to apply permits in 2019 for all tourneys including permit for Detroit River.

Hoover Signup sheet was passed around

CBM will have a table set up for the club all members selling items will pay table. – Dale will manage the table

21 members affiliated for TBF

Banquet Feb 24th @ 1pm club will furnish water, drinks, plates utensils, everyone bring a side dish.  (BYOB)

Youth will need 12 boat captains for 2019

50/50 James $38


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