July Meeting Minutes

July Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order at 7pm.

Attendance:  Will, Bob, Scott, Matt, KVD, Rob, Terry, Al, Rich, Ted, Jeff, Chad, Jason, Damon

Treasurer Report – 860.63 (2 people owe for jerseys) (club sponsor 320)

TBF Boaters Rod and Scott will fish Erie in September.  Two non-boaters will be selected after Indian.

Tournament Report past weekend

Lake Erie Pairings

  1. Will – Coulton
  2. Bob – Matt B
  3. Scott – Mike R
  4. Rod – Chad
  5. Damon (Saturday Only) – Mike M
  6. Rob – Dave
  7. Terry – Jason
  8. James – Andy
  9. Joe – Brian
  10. Rich – Ted
  11. Chris – Dale
  12. Al – KVD
  13. Eric (Sunday – Mike M
  14. Dan TBD – will redraw to get a Co in place here if Dan can join us.

Lake Erie Lodging

Here is where we are at with lodging.

Scott, Brendan Weds – Thurs – Little Teds – Still waiting on confirmation my son will be going up Weds, Thurs and Friday to pre-fish with me.  I can get another room at Mar-Lu if he decides to fish.  If not I will be at Teds.

If Dan or Rod decides to come up early we can do Mar-Lu for Weds/Thurs.

If Brendan doesn’t go I will have open seat for Mike Ross on Friday to fish.

Scott – Mike – Fri- Sun Camp Perry

Bob – Matt – Weds – Sun – Little Teds

Terry – Jason Weds – Sun – Little Teds

Al – KVD Weds – Sun – Little Teds – Al can bring mattress

Rod Fri – Sun – Easy Winds (possible Thursday – Mar-Lu) – Chad Fri – Sun Easy Winds

Will – Coulton – Fri – Sun – Camp Perry

Damon Fri Only – Camp Perry

Rob – Dave Fri – Sun – Easy Winds

James – Andy – Fri – Sun – Easy Winds

Joe – Brian – Fri – Sun – Camp Perry

Rich – Ted – Fri – Sun – Easy Winds

Chris – Dale – Fri – Sun – Easy Winds

Eric – Sat – Sunday – Camp Perry – Mike M Fri – Sun – Easy Winds

Dan – TBD if early Mar-Lu Fri – Sun Easy Winds

Be sure to READ about what each of the cottages furnishes.  Also bring a sleeping bag as a back up would be wise.  Camp Perry will sleep 5 private to 9 people. Possible same situation at Easy Winds.

I hope I didn’t miss any one here if so let me know.  Right now I think we can make this work and back fill at Mar-Lu if needed.  Just remember club only pays for Fri/Sat night.

Buckeye Lake Planning is around the corner.  Rich, Will, Matt and Al will be in some upcoming pre-meetings here soon and be coming back with more details and plans.

Dave Sprow offered to make drop shots get with him on orders and pricing

Will offered to make tubes he has 3 Lake Erie colors pack of 25/$10

50/50 – Chad 33

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