Alum Creek May 6th

Alum Creek

Beautiful day to be on the water, just a few pleasure boaters out and about.  But lake did have three bass tournaments going on so some places you just had to get in line to fish.

Top Four – Terry, Dale, Jason, Coulton & Peanut Gallery

Terry “Dad” Hall – First Place
Mom said, Dad put a whopping to you!!
Dale Mattox – Second Place “TeamEatSleepFish2018”
Jason Fairbanks – Third Place with 5.6 Pound Big Fish
Jason Fairbanks
Jason Fairbanks – My Personal Best 5.6 Pounder!!
Batman said… Robin he smoked it!!
Coulton Didion – Fourth Place
This Kid is on Fire!!
Rod Russell
Eric Crasten
Brian Vogelsang
Mike Ross
Jeff Leonhard
Chris LaFramboise
Bob “Happy” Pharris
Kajun “KVD”Little
Damon Eley
Scott Gordon

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