March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7pm.

You would have thought we were handing out iTune cards from the attendance that was there.

Attendance:  Will, Bob, Scott G, Jeff, Rob, KVD, Dale, Andy, Jason, James, Dan, Rod, Ted, Dave, Scott C, Mike, Joe, Terry, Damon, Chad,

Guest: Michael

Scott read out February meeting minutes and was approved.

Treasurer Report: 3,973.07

Tournement Director Report – Rod Russell drew out teams for Buckeye Lake for April 8th @ 6:30 at 79 Road ramp.  Tourney 7-3.

  1. Bob-Dale
  2. Will-Andy
  3. Scott-Scott
  4. Jeff – KVD
  5. Damon
  6. Joe-Chad
  7. Matt-Jay
  8. James
  9. Dan
  10. Terry-Ted
  11. Rich-Jason
  12. Rod-Brian
  13. Michael-Mike
  14. Al-Dave

Links will be as follows for Ohio Bass Nation

  1. Will-Andy
  2. Rod-Brian
  3. Jeff-KVD
  4. Scott-Matt
  5. Damon-Chad
  6. Joe-James
  7. Rob-Terry
  8. Al-Dave
  9. Brandon-TBD
  10. Michael-TBD

OBN April 28/29 Youth Captains

  1. Al
  2. Will
  3. Scott
  4. Matt – maybe both days
  5. Damon
  6. Bob – Sunday
  7. Rod
  8. Dan – Sunday

Lake Erie Tournament has been moved to August 4th and 5th.

Boat Insurance needs to be emailed to Will asap.

Al Evans spoke about the gray haired guy in the back row of state team to please move to the right.  Yes I know they were talking to me..

Ohio Bass Nation 2017 State Team

Jersey Updates:  Matt will be posting to the website two different jerseys for the club to vote on from the website.  They will be uniform look to the front of the shirt and you will have your choice on what you would like on the back.  Two of the CBM sponsors will provide $10 each toward your jersey purchase.  More to come.

Volunteers needed: for a youth event on April 28, 2018 at the Sunbury Christian Church/Sunbury Above Ground Reservoir from 8-2. We are in need of volunteers to help with instruct basic knot tying, casting, fishing handling, weighing fish and showing how to clean and prep the fish. If you are able to help us out contact Frank at or call/text 614-266-7305. Thank you for your consideration.  Dave Sprow will follow up with Frank.  If anyone else who has the time that can help out please let Dave know.

Currently Columbus Bassmasters has a full roster of 36 members.  Any new request coming in will be added to our waiting list.

Good luck to the guys heading to Guntersville next week have a safe trip and catch BIGUNS!

50/50:  Dan $48

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