CBM Awards Banquet Sunday

Awards Banquet

Reminder CBM Awards Banquet – February 25th @ 1:30 – Steak, Chicken, Matt’s best Smoked Meat’s, Potato will be served.  All others should bring a dish.

Terry – 1st Place
Bob – 4th Place
Will – 2nd Place
Dan -3rd Place
Top 4 – Lake Erie day 2 – Kajuan Little, Scott Gordon, Brian Vogelsang, Terry Hall
Top Four – Lake Erie Day 1 – Rich Carter, Rod Russell, Ted Nixon, Matt Bertram
Rocky Fork – Top Four
Top Four – Rob Doughty 4th, James Maynard 3rd, Matt Bertram 2nd, and Terry Hall 1st
L/R Dan, Rich, Rod & Will
Top Four
Scott Gordon

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