Hoover Fishing Seminar XX

Hoover Fishing Seminar

It’s too darn cold to be sitting around the house, save the date now February 17th for the Hoover Fishing Seminar.  Get there early to get your seat.

Here we go!  We’re going full speed getting ready for the HFS XX on Saturday, February 17.  20 years!  Seems like more recent that the HFS was started.  But this year’s seminar is going to be better than ever.  Your critiques from last year gave us the direction you wanted us to go for this year. We’ve got 9 special Speakers.  It’s going to be hard for you to pick just which 4 sessions you wish to attend.  If you’ve been troubled by the lack of success getting Saugeyes, there’s good news coming your way with 3 men who will tell you what you need to hear both about the current status and also about how to get those toothy critters on your hook..  If your thing is Bass, we have 2 of the best Hoover anglers to guide you to them.  Like to hang into one of those monster Blue Cats, we got Da Man for you.  You say you’d like to learn more about fishing from a kayak?  The #1 Hoover kayak angler is coming prepared.  Maybe you like to go for eating material like Crappies & White Bass?  We have 2 new gentlemen to share their successes.  Maybe you have a youngster that you’d like to get started fishing.  We have the best man to get you and kids on the water together and starting out right.


Steve Holtzapfel, the HFS Committee and the parents of the youth in the 2 clubs have been hard at it acquiring items for the raffle.  If you or your business would like to donate new items, please contact Steve.  As several companies have already done, cash is acceptable for us to purchase raffle items. We will again feature the ever popular 60 for $50 raffle envelopes which contain items or coupons worth at least $50.  These will be in limited numbers. (first come, first served) Tickets will also be available at 12/$10 and $1 each. We can tell you now that Cabela’s and Old Dutchman have stepped up as always.  Cabela’s has been so generous in supporting the HFS since they came to town.  It’s still a wonder to us why other big box stores in the Columbus area haven’t found their way to do similarly.  Cabela’s shows how to advance the future of fishing through their youth support efforts.  We will also have a bag of goodies for some early attendees that sign in.


Steve is also in charge of exhibits and tables.  Outside exhibits (limited vehicle/boat spaces) go for donation of $75.  Inside tables rent for $50.  Contact Steve if you would like one of these. (Limited number available.)  The parents are again planning to make the fresh sandwiches that will be available during the lunch break.  They’ll be $6 for sandwich/chips/drink.  Tim Van Auken of Wm. Caxton Printing in Westerville, who donates all of our programs, will be in charge of ad sales.  If you’d like to have your business seen as a supporter of the HFS youth, contact Tim.  Full page is $100; ½ page is $50 and ¼ page (business card) is $25. 


As always we are limited to the first 325 folks who call.  Remember that 100% of the net proceeds go to the WSMS Wolves Fishing Club and also to Hartley’s Hawg’s Youth Fishing Club.  So please go to the HFS XX page and make your choices of 4 classes, then call us at 614-882-9464 before 8:00 p.m..  (You probably ought to have a 5th choice in case one of the classes is already sold out.)  Call early because we suspect Dave Golowenski might mention the event in the Dispatch.  If you get a voice mail, please speak slowly in leaving only your name and phone number.  My wife still thinks we have a hearing deficit…we can hear 60 dB just fine, thank you very much.  We will return all phone messages that we can decipher. At that time we’ll tell you how to make out your check and where to send them.  Hey, you’re going to have such an amount of dog gone fun, you’ll need an empty back seat to haul it home.

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