CBM October Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7pm.

Attendance:  Will, Matt, Scott, Jason, Rennie, Dale, KVD, Al, Dave, Ted, Karl, Rich, Terry, Rich, Rob

Guest:  Coulton

Scott read out meeting minutes from September

Treasurer Report – $1,739.42

Tournament Director – Terry first place, Matt second Clear Fork

Fishing Reports – Will and Chris finishing 3rd place in TecT Championship got check for $750.

Old Business – Matt still working on design for new jerseys and pricing on XXL.

TBF Dues were due this month in October –

Dues for 2018 was raised in motion and seconded to be lowered to $130 for 2018.  This will include either a TBF or Bass affiliation. If you are affiliating with both it will be $190.  (Club is doing this based on last years balance)

New members coming in that has never paid past dues will pay the original price of $110 for membership with no affiliation.

Paying dues online will have to be reworked in Paypal and new buttons will be added soon.

New Business – Walnut Springs meeting for Hoover Seminar was held.  Will attended discussed making some no parking signs to be used in firelane and vendor area.  WIll asked members to check with any sponsors to see if we can help bring in some donations.

Buckeye Lake – Rich felt we should be hearing back about grant any day.  CBM will take the lead on the project with Bass Nation.  Want to put together a HITT Team – Habitat Improvement Tactical Team.  The team will have key individuals from CBM, Bass, Buckeye Lake Residence, Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce, this will include fishing tackle business’s and local marinas.  Team will work together to plan, develop aesthetically pleasing fishing structures.  The HITT team will be formed and will engage others as the project progresses. Be sure to bring any structure ideas to Will going forward.  Rich will also be getting a Map of Buckeye Lake.

Bass Nation will have Husband and lady tournament this weekend at Deer Creek 7am.  $100 to enter with 50 percent proceeds going to youth.

October 28th Galoplis City ramp Ohio River tourney that Terry brought up to club.

50/50 $30 Al Evans




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