CBM Meeting Minutes August

August Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:08 by VP Bob Pharris

Attendance:  Will, Brian, Jason, Terry, Chris, Matt, Rich, KVD, Scott, Bob, Rennie

Treasurer Report – $1,739.42

Tournament Report – Co-Anglers wacked them at Lake Erie Congrats to Ted “Big Fish” Nixon and Kajuan “KVD” Little.

Matt will talk to Rod about points at Alum.  Matt should show a 4th place finish.

Rocky Fork Pairings

Terry – Jason

Andy – Brian

Scott – Matt

Jeff – KVD

James – Rennie

Rod – Chad






Old Business – Jersey’s project will be picked up by Matt

Youth Event Mosquito Lake – Karl has informed Bob that he has enough boats.

Recycle Project – Will reports that a good bit of line is being left in the New Gelana recycle bin.

Fish Structure – Rich reports that grant plans need to be turned in by mid-August.  Will shared a proto type demo of a half barrell fish structure that he has seen down at KY Lake.

Bow Tie Fish Structure

50/50 – Jason $27

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