2016 CBM Awards Banquet

CBM Awards Banquet

First off I want to take a moment and THANK many of you who put in so much time just to get things ready for the banquet, lots of work with chairs, tables, food, grill, awards, prizes and many other things.  Thanks to all for this who helped.

Then hats off to Chief Dave and Chief Ted for working the grill with the steaks, chicken and Happy Bob and his First Lady Rene for Cheesy Potato’s.  With as much food that was on the table we have more than enough to go around.

First for some Business, make note the next CBM Meeting will me on April 12th next month.  We have to get lined up on Regional tournaments and lock down out club events.

Awards Table
Door Prizes


Chad Steman – 2nd Clear Fork
Jason Fairbanks – 2nd Indian Lake
Bob “Happy” Pharris – 2nd Delaware Lake
Rich Carter – 2nd Lake Erie, 2nd O’Shea
Kevin Hull – 2nd Lake Erie
Dan Campbell – 1st CJ Brown, 1st Alum Creek, 4th Lake Erie, 1st O’Shea
Terry “Dad” Hall – 4th Delaware Lake
Brian “Alien” Vogelsang – 4th CJ Brown, 2nd Lake Erie
Andy Strickland – “Co-Angler of the Year” 2nd CJ Brown, 1st Lake Erie
Scott Gordon – 1st Indian Lake, 4th Alum Creek, 3rd O’Shea, 1st Clear Fork
Rod Russell – 4th Indian Lake, 1st Delaware Lake, 1st Lake Erie
Will Presley Jr – “AOY Champion” – 3rd Indian Lake, 3rd CJ Brown, 3rd Alum Creek, 4th Lake Erie, 4th O’Shea, 4th Clear Fork…just call him Mr. Consistent
Rod Russell – Big Bass 4.51lbs Lake Erie
Big Steve Award – Thank You for all your contributions to Columbus Bassmasters. We truly appreciate your Commitment and Dedication – Scott Gordon 2016 Season
Over All Stats

Like to Thank our sponsors this year Central City Auto Parts and Mr. Twister Baits

Looking forward to 2017!!

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