CBM Minutes February

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Scott, Terry, Al, Karl, Bob P, Dan, Jason, Kevin, Jeff, Rob, James, Jay, Alex, Bob S, Ted, Chris, Rod, Tony, Damon

Scott read out minutes from Janaury

Jeff – Treasurer Report $4,760.76 (still have $100 outstanding on FB Pool, TBF Check)

24 paid/6 unpaid members

Rod – Dates on club tournament by Banquet

There will be not meeting in March since Awards Banquet is March 5th at 1pm.  Everyone bring a dish..

Guntersville Lodging will be over at Buck Island

Environmental Project – February 25th @ 9am

Hoover Seminar Need guys for parking, lunch prep and working door.  If you haven’t signed up please reach out to Karl.  For guys’s parking cars will have a meeting at iHop in Polaris @ 4:30am

Youth TBF at Mosquito Lake is set for August 6th

OBF meeting is February 4th – CBM is meeting at Waffle House @ 7:30am

OBN Meeting is February 5th – CBM is meeting at Marathon in Grove City @ 6:30am

Boat Insurance – Please get a copy of your insurance to Will asap.

Jerseys – Jeff will have details on new Jerseys next meeting

50/50 $43 Dan

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