CBM October Meeting Minutes

CBM October Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order @ 7pm – Will Presley

Attendance – Karl, Scott, Rich, Terry, Will, Jason, James, Kajun, Bob S, Dave, Ted, Rod, Matt, Rob, Mike,

Guest – Tony Cannon, Eric Huber (Passing Through)

September meeting minutes read out – Scott Gordon

Treasurer Report – $1,328.81

Tournament Director – Clear Fork will be moved to October 29th be there at 6:30 – for 7PM start.

  1. Will – Dave
  2. Rod
  3. Al
  4. Damon
  5. Scott G – Bob S
  6. Terry – Kajuan
  7. Bob – Andy – Both Bob and Andy will be Co-Anglers on 29th and be drawn out at the ramp.
  8. Dan – Jason
  9. Matt
  10. James – Brian
  11. Rich
  12. Rob – Ted
  13. Jeff

Old Business – Environmental – Matt Bertram proposed that the club build some fishing line recycle boxes to put out at ramps where we can get permission to install them.  We will share the complete pictures and presentation soon in another post.  This proposal was voted on by the club to build a couple up and see where we can get permission to install, possible OShea, Alum or Hoover.

  • Oil Recycle – Will proposed he will pay 80 cents per gallon for recycle oil and pay $7 for a battery.  – Funds will be donated to the Youth Fishing Fund.
  • Pontoon Trash Barge – was discussed to be used to collect trash around lakes.  Also could be used to place fishing cover in lakes.
  • Convert Algae into Bio-Fuel – Will said he read where people are actually testing this.. Will wants them to begin at Grand Lake St Marys.
  • Weather Buoy – place on a lake to be able to get update of weather and water temps.

Matt Bertram and Jason Fairbanks will take the lead for environmental projects for the club.

Rob and Terry attended recent district meeting for Ohio TBF.

Dates have been set for Regional – May 20th & 21st Delaware & TOC June 17 O’Shea.

New Business – Club need volunteers for Hartley Hawg awards banquet November 4th at Walnut Springs.

2016 Book of Youth and CBM Kodak Moments will be put together.  If anyone has any saved pictures please email to Scott G.

Club Dues and Affiliation – Please let Will know who you want to be affiliated with TBF, Bass or both.  Plan to pay dues in November meeting.

Get Well and Speedy Recovery goes out to AL Evans.

50/50 For second month in a row Terry “Dad” Hall has won. $38

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