CBM Meeting Minutes – April 2016

CBM April Meeting Minutes

Will Presley opened the meeting @ 7PM

Scott read out meeting minutes for March

Jeff read out Treasurer report of $3,020.53

Attendance – Will, Scott G, Chris, Jason, Jeff, Kevin, Al, Dave, Rob, Matt, Mike, Ted, Brian, Terry, Kajuan, Bob P, Karl, James, Rich

Guest – Tony Cannon

Indian Lake Tourney – April 24th @ 6am

Brian – Al

Kevin – Dave S

Karl – Ted

Rod – Mike

Damon – Jeff

Rob – Andy

Chris – Bob S

Scott – Kajuan

Matt – Jason




OBN Grand Lake 2 Man Team April 30 – May 1st- (Boater should pay for both – Non Boater pays Boater) – Pay online https://squareup.com/store/ohio-bass-nation/item/ohio-bass-nation-s-clubs-team-championship

Rod – Brian

Scott – Jeff

James – Bob S

Kevin – Chad

Karl – Al

Matt – Rich

Rob – Terry

Will – Dave S

Jeff will reserve some lodging.  Let him know if you plan on going up Friday night or Saturday am.

TBF Regional – Deer Creek May 21- 22 – Pay $75 to Jeff – Non- Boater to pay Boater $40

Rod – Jeff

Brian – Al

Scott – Kajuan

Rob – James

Karl – Kevin

Bob P – Terry

TBF Region 1 Delaware 4th & 5th Pay $75 to Jeff – Non- Boater to pay Boater $40

Scott C – Matt

Dan – Andy

Damon – Ted

Attention Boaters- Get Will copy of your Boat Declaration page ASAP

Youth Tourney – Karl has got Will, Al, Terry, Matt & Dan to be Boat Captains on May 7th @ Alum

Youth Indian May 14th & 15th

James – Saturday – Matt Sunday

Scott will take Tony kids on Sunday

Bob P will take Will’s kids on Sunday

Rob – Sunday

If anyone has any pictures from last week that is not already on FB from Guntersville send to Scott he will post shortly..

50/50 – Scott G $40

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