CBM March Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

Will Presley called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendees – Will, Jeff, Terry, Scott G, Scott C, Dan, Karl, Ted, Jason, Bob S, Rob, James, Brian, Kajuan, Matt, Dave

Guest – Dale Maddox

Guy’s sorry but my note taking was not good after I seen Scott C show up, but WAIT for it – Dan C walked through the door.  From that point on I was pretty much done.  Hey Glad to see you both joined us tonight.

Secretary read out January meeting minutes since no meeting took place in February.

Treasurer read out $3,313.83 for the month

New Youth dates brought forward May 7th for TBF HS @ Alum which resulted in our date change to May 8th

Youth date May 14th & 15th – Indian Lake for Bass

Get with Karl if you can be a boat captain for either one of them.

Tournament Director – Rod went through and realigned our dates for the year based on the Youth events.

April 24 – Indian

May 8th – CJ Brown

June 19th – Alum

June 26 – Delaware

July 30 & 31 – Lake Erie

August 13 – O’Shea

Sept 18 – Clear Fork

TBF Region 6 is having there tourney on East for May 21 & 22 if you have a interest let Will know.

Scott Cooke talked on his recent fishing as co-angler on the Big O.

Scott Cooke also brought forward about a future date of bait making day at his place to get that fresh smell of lead and make some baits for the year.  Scott will let Will know the date..

50/50 – Scott C  $40

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