November Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

Will Presley called meeting to order @ 7pm

Guest:  Jason Fairbanks and Rick Carter

Attendees:  Chad, Bob S, Kajuan, Ted, Dave, James, Rob, Rod, Will, Mike, Karl, Scott G

Secretary Report – Scott read minutes from October

Treasurer report – not available Jeff was out of town.

Fishing Report – Megabass updates Will Presley 4th place finish and Karl Guegold/Guest Rick Carter 5th place.

Old Business – Football Fund Raiser will be made available in December.

Membership Dues – Bring check or pay via paypal on or by December meeting.

$110 – Membership (Unaffiliated),  $145 – Membership/TBF $45 Bass Nation

New Business

2016 Lakes – Delaware, Alum, Indian, Clear Fork, O’Shea, CJ Brown, Erie

Karl noted that CBM will receive invite to Hartley Hawgs Banquet.

Club Charter printouts were given out as homework for members to review and make updates to so they may be reviewed in front of club.  Much needed updates need to be done.

Snapfish book will be finalized with youth and solar boat wash activities and ready for print by next week.

50/50 $25 Karl

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