CBM July Meeting Minutes

July Meeting Minutes

Will Presley called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance – James, Terry, Chris, Bob S, Bob P, Matt, Ted, Kayuan, Will, Scott G

Scott Gordon – read last months minutes

Treasurer Report $1,447 with Lil Ted’s paid for Lake Erie.

Tournament Director – Will filled in for Rod and drew for O’Shaughnessy and Lake Erie.

O’Shaughnessy -5:30am @ ramp fish 6-2

Rob – Mike

Terry – Matt

Al – Bob Stowe

Scott G – Jeff

Bob P – Dave

Brian – Andy

Rod – James

Dan – Ted

Chris – Kayun

Lake Erie will be staying at Lil Teds which club pays for Friday and Saturday nights.  This will be a 3 Fish Limit Event due to hot weather and keeping fish alive.  TBD Times but 6-4 and 6-2 on Sunday.

Rob – Dan

Terry – Chad

Al – Chris

Rod – Jeff

Will – Andy

Scott G – Dave

Bob P – Matt

Brian – Ted

Karl – Kayun

James – Will Rector

Clear Fork 4 Man Teams – Ohio Bass Federation

Team # 1 Rod- Jeff

Team #1 Scott – Dave

Team #2 Brian – Bob S

Team #2 Bret – Matt

You will need to pay boater $20, Pay Jeff $25 and Pay at ramp $10 Big Fish.  Scott will send out details for meeting Saturday July 11th.  Good Luck!!

Berlin Lake – September 26 & 27th – Scott will check on lodging.  Rumor is it may move to Mosquito Lake TBD.  Here is the Entry Form if you are fishing Ohio Bass Federation Championship.  If you are a boater you will need to send in insurance proof.

New Business

Scott Gordon brought in samples of shirts and hats with club embroidery.  Club members can order as they choose.  Find anything you like in catalog you can check with Scott for prices.  If you choose club embroidery add $7.

Sport Tek DRI-Mesh Tee Shirt
Sport Tek DRI-Mesh Tee Shirt

Club will choose style of hat next meeting and order larger quantity.

Shirt Orders – Kayun, Bob P, Dave and Ted

Kayun Little shared his Mr. Twister success story on his recent outing a Caesars Creek

Mr Twister Pocket Craw with Mop Jig
Mr Twister Pocket Craw with Mop Jig

50/50 – Bob S $21

Club will need to recruit a few additional boaters through out this year.  It’s seems difficult to draw for tournament to meet non-boaters needs.

Like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Fourth Holiday!!

Now a word from our Sponsor – Central City Auto Parts

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