Big Bass Splash LAKE GUNTERSVILLE; Scottsboro, Alabama – March 27-29,2015

Big Bass Splash

This was the 5th year for seven of the CBM members participated in Lake Guntersville Big Bass Splash.


Rod Russell and Chris LaFramboise

Will Presley Jr. and Matt Bertram

Rob Doughty and Terry Hall

Scott Gordon and Ray Noe (North Carolina)

Scott, Matt and Chris this was their first trip to Guntersville and I am certain they will return next year.Most of the team got in two or three days of practice prior to the three day tournament.

69,000 acre lake, 75 miles long you can imagine how much water there is to cover.  Water temps for the most part varied from 50 to low 60’s.  Unfortunately by the time the event got started the weather had cooled down to low of 29 degrees in the mornings.  Many anglers had ice on the rod tips.

Close to 1500 participants this year which hit a record.

Will Presley (5th), Chris LaFramboise (10th) and Ray Noe (9th) managed to cash checks for one of many hourly prizes.

This group had a fantastic time and would like to see many more join us there next year.  We should also just go ahead and add this to our lakes to fish next year we can hold a tourney during our practice rounds.


This is one of Chris’s fish on first day that didn’t make the hourly cut.

IMG_1471Chris followed up and got in at 10th with this one.


Rod with a nice fish in practice.

IMG_1479Matt with a fish on first day of practice.

IMG_1478Will with his hump back money fish.

IMG_1477Sorry Matt this one won’t make the cut.

IMG_1452(2)Scott with a practice day fish.

IMG_1444Ray Now with a money fish.

IMG_1476Will Presley Jr with weighing in a 6.26 for a 5th place check.

IMG_1472Chris with his weigh slip and 10th place finish.

IMG_1473Ray Noe with his weigh slip that slid in front of Chris for 9th place in same hour.

IMG_1481(1)Terry Hall with practice day fish.

IMG_1461Crowds were huge with nearly 1500 participants.

Big Fish of the tourney was 9.96 pounds.

IMG_1469(2)Great event to fish and hope to see more of the group make the trip next year.

If anyone else has additional pics let me know will be happy to post.

Be sure to check out all the details on Sealy Outdoors Website for additional tournaments.

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