CBM November Meeting Updates

CBM Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Will, Rod, Roy, Bob S, Matt, Jeff, Scott C, Scott G, Terry, Rob, Roy, Ted, Dave, Kevin

Guest:  Travis, Tyler

Club will fish 8 tournaments and keep best 6 was voted in.

Lake Erie 2 man team will be based on 2014 points (OBF)

The following Lakes were voted :

Erie (Two Days), Indian, Alum, Delaware, Rocky Fork, O’Shaughnessy and Clear Fork

December meeting will have Officer nominations for election in January

Club would like to sale two full squares for fund raising this year.  Each member should sell 5 squares.

Points system will change to 100,99,98,92…..Non Fish 25.  More details to follow.

Region 1 will hold a 11/17 @7pm at Cabelas

Dues were accepted for 2015

Next meeting December 10th

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