April Meeting Minutes

April Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order at 7pm

Attendance:  James, Terry, Karl, Dan, Damon, Rich, Scott, Bob, Will, Jason, Michael, Rob, Chad, Kajun, Rod, Ted, Dave, Matt K, Jay, Joe, Dale, Mike, Matt

Treasurer Report 3,162.65

Tournament Director – Draw for Buckeye Lake

May 5th 6am 79 Ramp N Shore

  1. Matt – Chad
  2. Bob – Dave
  3. Will – KVD
  4. Scott – Joe W
  5. Rod – Andy
  6. Terry – Matt K
  7. Karl
  8. Rich
  9. Damon – Jason
  10. Michael – Ted
  11. Joe – Dale
  12. Rob – Colten
  13. Dan
  14. Brandon – Mike
  15. James – Brian

Regional Pairings

  1. Scott – Colten (Detroit River)
  2. Rod – Terry (Detroit River)
  3. Will – Chad Region 1
  4. Rob – Ted
  5. James – Dave
  6. Al – Matt K
  7. Michael – Joe W
  8. Karl – Jason Region 6

OBN Team Event Alum Creek July 20 & 21

  1. Scott – Colten
  2. Bob – Dale
  3. Rod – KVD
  4. Matt – Jason
  5. Terry – Brian
  6. Will – Andy
  7. Dan – Al
  8. Rob – Michael
  9. James – Dave
  10. Joe F – Damon
  11. Brandon – Chad
  12. Karl – Scott C
  13. Joe W – John Hutson

Youth Event Rocky Fork Boat Captains – Please go to OBN Youth Website and fill out your paper work

  1. Will
  2. Al
  3. Scott
  4. Matt
  5. Terry
  6. Karl
  7. Rod TBD

Karl took time to read out results of Hoover Seminar and Thanks CBM Team for all their assistance.

50/50 $46 Jason

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CBM invades Big Bass Splash Lake Guntersville

This is Why You Drive 8 Hours to Fish

Think 7 or 8 got got checks this week overall.  Nice Job!!

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March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @7pm

Attendance:  Will, Scott, Ted, Al, Scott C, Bob, Karl, Jason, Rich, Matt, James, Matt, Rod, Dave, Chad, Joe, Kajun, Dale, Joe, Mike

Guest – Bob Schinker

Treasurer Report: 3823.32

Tournament Report – Need to work on permits for tournaments,  Detroit River is only one online.

TBF May 18th & 19th – Will putting together list of who is fishing in regional.  If you have not notified him please do so.

April 27 & 28th Youth Tournament on Rocky Fork – Need Boat Captains – Let Karl know.

April 27th Indian Lake CBM tourney will be moved to a later date due to Youth Event

Bait Making Event with Club Pro Scott Cooke – April 13th @ 10am – Pond Tourney will be held!!

If you haven’t subscribed to Club Email List please do so.

50/50 Was won by nobody since Terry Hall forgot about club meeting.  Points will be deducted.

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Columbus Bassmasters Award Banquet

2018 CBM Awards

Chef Matt

Bob “Happy” Pharris -Big Steve Award

Dale Mattox – Club Plaque

Jason Fairbanks – Big Bass Award 5.73 Smallie

Colten Didion – AOY Co-Angler

Scott Gordon – AOY Champion

CBM Members – Youth and Conservation Award

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February Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes

Will opened meeting at 7pm

Attendance:  Bob, Scott, Will, Terry, Al, Jay, Chad, James, David, Matt, Ted, Joe, Michael, Rich, Joe W, Joe F, Rob, Brian, Dale, Mike, Brandon

Treasurer – $5,323.03

Tournament Report – CBM will need to apply permits in 2019 for all tourneys including permit for Detroit River.

Hoover Signup sheet was passed around

CBM will have a table set up for the club all members selling items will pay table. – Dale will manage the table

21 members affiliated for TBF

Banquet Feb 24th @ 1pm club will furnish water, drinks, plates utensils, everyone bring a side dish.  (BYOB)

Youth will need 12 boat captains for 2019

50/50 James $38


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CBM Tournament Dates

Tournament Lakes Selected for 2019

1 Indian
April 27
2 Buckeye May 5th
3 Rocky Fork June 8
4 Alum Creek June 23
5 Delaware Aug 4
6 Detroit River/St Clair Aug 24
7 Detroit River/St Clair Aug 25
8 Mosquito Sept 22
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CBM Meeting Minutes January

CBM Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order 7:06

Attendance:  Will, Bob, Scott, Jay, Terry, Brandon, Chad, KVD, Jason, Matt M, Al, Ted, Andy, Michael, Matt, Scott C, Dave, Rod, James, Joe W, Rob, Brian, Joe F, Mike, Dale

Guest:  Richard DiNardo, Julie Filby

Treasurer Report:

Old Business:

Possible youth date on May 18th

Banquet door prizes: Gift Certificate Pure Fishing 150/100

Club will furnish paper plates, silverware, pop and water…byob

TBF Championship will be held September 7th & 8th Elizabeth park ramp

May 5th date for College tournament

50/50 Mike Ross 57

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CBM Staff Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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December Meeting Minutes

Will – called meeting to order at 7:05

Attendance:  Karl, Rod, Bob, Scott, Jason, Dale, Damon, Jay, James, Rob, Brian, Matt, Michael, Joe, Brandon, Rich, Will, Terry

Guest: Joe Wilcox

No minutes read from November since it was Youth Banquet

Matt – Treasurer Report – 2008.51

Football Pool each member will purchase three squares.  Please text or messenger Rod with your three names asap. 

Tournament Director: Lakes for 2019

  • Alum
  • Indian
  • Mosquito
  • Delaware
  • Buckeye
  • Detroit River/St Clair in place of Lake Erie
  • Rocky

New Business:

Awards Banquet – February 24th @ 1pm – Everyone bring a dish.  Chef Matt will be cooking ribs and pork.   New Awards needed Colten, Dale

Guntersville Big Bass Splash – March 28, 29, 30 9 people showed interest Scott will check with Kudzo.

Ohio Bass Federation:

  • Region 1 May 18 & 19 Buckeye Lake
  • TBF Championship July 13 & 14 Ohio River Galipolis

Ohio Bass Nation:

  • Indian Lake for points – May 25
  • Rocky for points – June 15
  • Alum 2 Man Event July 20 & 21

2 Man Event Pairings (Possible Changes on co-angler side)

  • Scott – Colten
  • Bob – Dale
  • Rod – Kajun
  • Matt – Jason
  • Rich – Chad
  • Terry – Brian
  • Will – Andy
  • Dan – Al
  • Rob – Michael
  • James – Dave
  • Joe – Damon
  • Brandon –
  • Karl –

Ohio Bass Nation Team Trail

  • Rocky – May 4
  • Ohio River – June 29
  • Indian – August 3
  • Lake Erie – Aug 31

Youth Events – Karl brought the following dates forward in need of Boat Captains.

  • SAF – May 11th Ohio River Galopolis
  • TBF Lake Erie August 17th and 18th

50/50 – Joe $30

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Meeting will be at Banquet for Hartley Hawgs

Hartley Hawgs Banquet

Guys if you can come out and help cook and server dinner this week at Hartley Hawgs Banquet will have a short meeting there.

For the ones that can make it out early we should try to be there at 5pm same place Walnut Springs.

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