CBM October Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7pm.

Attendance:  Will, Matt, Scott, Jason, Rennie, Dale, KVD, Al, Dave, Ted, Karl, Rich, Terry, Rich, Rob

Guest:  Coulton

Scott read out meeting minutes from September

Treasurer Report – $1,739.42

Tournament Director – Terry first place, Matt second Clear Fork

Fishing Reports – Will and Chris finishing 3rd place in TecT Championship got check for $750.

Old Business – Matt still working on design for new jerseys and pricing on XXL.

TBF Dues were due this month in October –

Dues for 2018 was raised in motion and seconded to be lowered to $130 for 2018.  This will include either a TBF or Bass affiliation. If you are affiliating with both it will be $190.  (Club is doing this based on last years balance)

New members coming in that has never paid past dues will pay the original price of $110 for membership with no affiliation.

Paying dues online will have to be reworked in Paypal and new buttons will be added soon.

New Business – Walnut Springs meeting for Hoover Seminar was held.  Will attended discussed making some no parking signs to be used in firelane and vendor area.  WIll asked members to check with any sponsors to see if we can help bring in some donations.

Buckeye Lake – Rich felt we should be hearing back about grant any day.  CBM will take the lead on the project with Bass Nation.  Want to put together a HITT Team – Habitat Improvement Tactical Team.  The team will have key individuals from CBM, Bass, Buckeye Lake Residence, Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce, this will include fishing tackle business’s and local marinas.  Team will work together to plan, develop aesthetically pleasing fishing structures.  The HITT team will be formed and will engage others as the project progresses. Be sure to bring any structure ideas to Will going forward.  Rich will also be getting a Map of Buckeye Lake.

Bass Nation will have Husband and lady tournament this weekend at Deer Creek 7am.  $100 to enter with 50 percent proceeds going to youth.

October 28th Galoplis City ramp Ohio River tourney that Terry brought up to club.

50/50 $30 Al Evans




September Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting at 7pm

Attendance: Jason, Bob S, Ted, Will, Kajun, Dave, Scott, Rennie, Rob, Mike, Terry

Guest – Dale

Secretary read out of last month minutes

Treasurer Report – none avaliable

Tournament Report – Clear Fork be at ramp at 6:30 for 7am launch

Scott – Dave

Andy – Ted

Al – Mike

Dan – KVD

Rod – Bob S

Bob P – Chad

Chris – Jason

Rich – Jay

Terry – Rennie

Rob – Matt

Old Business

Jerseys – Club would like to review design on Jerseys from Nuthreadz.

Color Red/Gray

Like pricing on 5X

Club feels there would be enough orders to fill

Buckeye Lake is a go, there will be a meeting upcoming to discuss fish structure

New Business

TBF Region 1 looking to fish Griggs/OShea next year

Dues are due for TBF at October meeting

Upcoming Tourneys Bass Nation

Folds of Honer

Husband/Spouse/Daughter/Girl Friend – October 8th Deer Creek

50/50 Terry Hall $19


CBM Meeting Minutes August

August Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:08 by VP Bob Pharris

Attendance:  Will, Brian, Jason, Terry, Chris, Matt, Rich, KVD, Scott, Bob, Rennie

Treasurer Report – $1,739.42

Tournament Report – Co-Anglers wacked them at Lake Erie Congrats to Ted “Big Fish” Nixon and Kajuan “KVD” Little.

Matt will talk to Rod about points at Alum.  Matt should show a 4th place finish.

Rocky Fork Pairings

Terry – Jason

Andy – Brian

Scott – Matt

Jeff – KVD

James – Rennie

Rod – Chad






Old Business – Jersey’s project will be picked up by Matt

Youth Event Mosquito Lake – Karl has informed Bob that he has enough boats.

Recycle Project – Will reports that a good bit of line is being left in the New Gelana recycle bin.

Fish Structure – Rich reports that grant plans need to be turned in by mid-August.  Will shared a proto type demo of a half barrell fish structure that he has seen down at KY Lake.

Bow Tie Fish Structure

50/50 – Jason $27

July CBM Meeting Minutes

CBM Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7PM.

Attendance:  Will, Terry, Chad, Ted, Mike, Dave, Dan, Bob P, Rob, Jason, Kajuan, Matt, Scott

Scott read out June meeting minutes.

Treasurer report – $2,637.92

Tournament Report -Alum Creek Top 4

Top Four

Lake Erie July 29 & 30th – CBM will use a 3 Fish Limit

Rich – Dave

Will – Ted

Rob – Mike

Terry – Matt

Rod – Brian

Damon – Kajuan

Bob P – Chad

Jeff – Jason

Dan – Al




For now I have Jeff, Scott, Bob, Matt, Dan going up on Thursday.  If there are any others let us know.

Old Business – Youth Fishing Derby was attended by Dave and Ted who assisted the youth with getting setup, baiting hooks, and sounds like they caught some fish.  Sounds like this takes place a couple times a year.

Line Recycle Project was put into play this past weekend at Alum Creek New Galena Ramp.  On Tuesday night Will and Bob discovered that line has already been discarded into the recycle box.  I call this a success.  Will, Bob will check during TECT Tourneys on Tuesday nights.  We still need to install the second unit at State Ramp, possibly can do it after OBN on Sunday.

New Business – Bow Tie Baits was in the house last night showing off their new baits since they couldn’t make it to iCast this week.  I know I was impressed and will be placing a order and sponsorship.

Will discussed Fish Structure options for Buckeye Lake to be presented to a committee in August.  The thought is to make it user friendly to all fisherman, duck hunters, bird watchers, and dock owners.  CBM team will need to help out in next few weeks make up some full scale demos that can be shared at the upcoming meeting.

Terry “Dad” Hall got a new phone.  No not a smart phone, just his normal flip phone.  He has lost all his contact information.  So if you have him in your contact him via a phone call so he can add you to his contact list.  It will make him so happy.

Bob P won 50/50 $29  It’s been a good week winning Alum last Sunday and 50/50 tonight.  Need to buy a lotto!

CBM Would like to Thank our Sponsors

Mr Twister Baits

McCain High Performance Rods

Central City Auto Parts

CBM Website Monthly Traffic

CBM June Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order at 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Terry, Damon, Jay, Jeff, Bob, Jason, Rod, Kevin, Matt, Scott, Rich, Bob S, Ted, Dave, Karl, Mike, Bob P,

Scott read out old minutes from May meeting

Jeff gave treasurer report of $2,106.92  checks have been paid for Lake Erie Lodging

Rod – Tournament Report – Dan, Rich, Rod, Will was Top 4 at Portage

Delaware – Marina Ramp be there at 5:30 fish 6-2

Al – Ted

Will – No Boat Matt

Bob P – No Boat Scott

Dan – Chad

Terry – Jason

Rob – Jay

Jeff – Brian

Chris – Bob S

Rod – Mike

James – Dave

Damon – KVD Kajuan



July meeting will be on July 12th 7pm

Jeff will pursue new jerseys with Nuthreadz

TOC is June 17th entries need to be in by the 10th so far Eric and Chris on fishing

Line Recycle installs will take place after Alum Creek Tourney – be there to get conservation points.

June 17th Youth Fishing Derby – We need some volunteers support for a kids fishing derby on June 17 at the Sunbury Reservoir from 9-12. We are looking for volunteers to teach how to cast, basic knot tying, fish handling, bait hooks, help with the fishing on the water and the fish cleaning station. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and the Big Walnut Conservation Club are teaming up to put on the event.  I know some of you may be fishing OBN Team or TOC tourney.  – Dave Sprow, Ted Nixon and KVD Little will volunteer and help Frank out at this event.

June 28th – meeting at Central City to discuss Fish Structure for Buckeye Lake proposal 6PM – join if you would like to participate.

50/50 Dave Sprow $35

CBM May Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

Will called to the meeting to order @ 7PM

Attendance: Karl, Jason, Scott, Dave, Rich, Rennie, Terry, Matt, Ted, Al, Eric

Guest – Ryan

Scott read out minutes from April

Jeff Treasurer report – $3,708.92

Tournament Report – Portage Lakes – Be at ramp 6am fish 6:30-2:30

Address 5031 Manchester Road, Akron OH 44319

Will – Jason

Dan – Scott

Rod – Dave

Al – Chad

Terry – Ted

Rich – Bob S

Rob – Brian


James – Kajuan

Youth Report – Karl spoke about upcoming May 6th event @ Alum Creek – Boat Captains Will, Tony, Rich, Rod, Brian, – alt Al There is a meeting at Cabelas 6:30-7 on Friday could be worth a discount.

June 3 & 4th Alum Creek – Karl is in need of 15 Boat Captains please let Karl know asap if you can assist. So far we have Karl, Tony, Terry and Will

June 17th Youth Event – We need some volunteers support for a kids fishing derby on June 17 at the Sunbury Reservoir from 8-12. We are looking for volunteers to teach how to cast, basic knot tying, fish handling, bait hooks, help with the fishing on the water and the fish cleaning station. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and the Big Walnut Conservation Club are teaming up to put on the event.  I know some of you may be fishing OBN Team or TOC tourney.  If you can help out on this event please let Scott Gordon know by June meeting.

Links for Regional s – Co-Anglers please pay your link $20 per day


Scott C – Ted

Chris – Dave

Eric – Gahanna

Rod – Scott



Rob – Terry

James – Kevin Mosquito

Ohio River

Al – Brain

Payouts for Delaware 14 places..

If you are interested in a McCain Performance Rod you MUST turn your order into Will by May 18th to save on shipping cost.

50/50 Will $26

Like to ask everyone to keep the following members in your thoughts and prayers – Mike Ross mother passed away.  “Happy” Bob going through knee infection and replacement.

April CBM Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Will Presley called the meeting to order @7:05 PM

Attendance:  Bob P, Scott G, Jeff, Al, Ted, Dave, Bob S, Chris, James, Jay, Kevin, Kajuan, Karl, Terry, Rod, Will, Rennie, Matt, Rob, Jason,

Guest”  Shawn from Lancaster, Hartley Hawgs members

Jeff – Treasurer Report $3,550.92

Rod – Tournament Indian Lake April 23 7-3 @ Lakeview

Andy S – Dave Sprow

Rod – Ted

James – Mike

Al – Brian

Rob – Scott

Chris – Kevin

Matt – Kajuan

Dan – Jason

Will – Bob S

Bob – Jay

Jeff – Renne

Scott C

Karl – Youth Update – Alum Creek May 6 – Boat Captains – Will, Al, Tony, Rod, Terry, Brian, (Need More please let Karl Know)

June 3 & 4th – Alum Creek – 14 Boat Captains needed

August 27th Mosquito Lake

Team Please check Roster and make sure we have your details correct – Please email Scott for updates.  scott.gordon1 at att.net

TOC Tournament – O’Shea – June 17th – Let Will know if you want to fish

Delaware TBF May 20th & 21st – Let Will know by May 2nd if you are fishing

Al Evans – Update from Ohio Bass Nation State Team – CBM was well represented with Will, Kevin, Kajuan and Al – Check out Al Evans FB Page for Post and Pictures.

McCain Hi-Performance Rods is now a Club Sponsor – See Will for details

Boaters – Please send Will copies of your Boat Insurance ASAP.

Chris – won $20 raffle

50/50 $55 – Matt

CBM Minutes February

Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Scott, Terry, Al, Karl, Bob P, Dan, Jason, Kevin, Jeff, Rob, James, Jay, Alex, Bob S, Ted, Chris, Rod, Tony, Damon

Scott read out minutes from Janaury

Jeff – Treasurer Report $4,760.76 (still have $100 outstanding on FB Pool, TBF Check)

24 paid/6 unpaid members

Rod – Dates on club tournament by Banquet

There will be not meeting in March since Awards Banquet is March 5th at 1pm.  Everyone bring a dish..

Guntersville Lodging will be over at Buck Island

Environmental Project – February 25th @ 9am

Hoover Seminar Need guys for parking, lunch prep and working door.  If you haven’t signed up please reach out to Karl.  For guys’s parking cars will have a meeting at iHop in Polaris @ 4:30am

Youth TBF at Mosquito Lake is set for August 6th

OBF meeting is February 4th – CBM is meeting at Waffle House @ 7:30am

OBN Meeting is February 5th – CBM is meeting at Marathon in Grove City @ 6:30am

Boat Insurance – Please get a copy of your insurance to Will asap.

Jerseys – Jeff will have details on new Jerseys next meeting

50/50 $43 Dan

CBM January Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

CBM kicked off 2017 with a crowd at January’s meeting.  You would have thought they were passing out money!

It was great to see everyone there and also some old members coming back to rejoin the club.

Will Presley – called the meeting to order at 7:09

Attendance:  Chris, Al, Kajuan, Allex, Brian, Damon, Ted, Rob, Matt, Chad, Bob S, Scott C, Rod, Karl, Dale, Jeff, Bob P, Mike, Will, James, Scott, Jason, Dave,

Guest: Eric Huber, Grant Hack, Jay Bucci, Eric Carsten

Scott – read out December minutes

Jeff – read out treasurery report $2322.76

Rod – Lakes are picked and dates will be worked out over the next month.

Old Business – Matt/Will will be setting up a date to work on line recycle project

TBF Meeting February 4th

Bass Nation Meeting February 5th

Hoover Fishing Seminar – February 18th – CBM will assist in Parking Cars, Sub Building, and Vendor area.  Volunteers – Al, Matt, James, Bob P, Will, Scott G, Andy, Kajuan, Chris, Mike and Terry if needed.

Youth Tournaments – Karl will need boaters for May 6, June 3 & 4, and sometime in August.


Guntersville – Rod is working on lodging for Big Bass Splash

Rod – Matt, Allex & ?, Scott C & ?, Chris – ?, Rob – Terry, James – Son, Jason get with Allex, Scott or Chris

Scott G – Ray Noe will be staying over Kadiz Cove.

50/50 $58 Mike

CBM December Meeting Minutes

December Meeting Minutes

Will – call meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance:  Will, Ted, Rob, Terry, Jason, Jeff, Bob, Bob S, Matt, Kevin, Al, Kajuan, Rich, Karl, Mike, Scott

Guest – John & Dale

Al Evans presented a plaque to Karl Guegold for his service and support for 2016 youth tournaments in BASS Federation.

Karl Guegold, Al Evans

Scott – read out meeting from November

Jeff – Treasurer Report $3,279.81

Fishing Report – Rich Carter shared his recent picture of a huge musky he caught on a shakeyhead @ Alum Creek.

Tournament Director – 2017 Lakes

Delaware, Alum, Indian, Clear Fork, Portage, Rocky and Erie

Jason – Shared pictures of his sauger at Indian Lake.

Awards Banquet – Date March 5th 1pm – Please email Scott Gordon on how many will attend and what type dish you plan on bringing.  Club will furnish Steak, Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Salad.

Hoover Fishing Seminar – Will need volunteers for parking, subs, and inside vendor assistance.  If you have free time and want to assist picking up door prizes then take the time to attend next meeting @ Cabelas 01/09 6:30-9pm.

Bass Nation – Meeting weekend of Bassmasters Classic

Columbus Expo February 10-12th

Old Business – Fishing Line Recycle project continues to move forward.  Alum Creek approved of installing @ two ramps.  PVC Piping has been donated.  Matt will be planning a work session to get these assembled next year.

New Business – Bass has raised member dues $15

2017 Club Dues – CBM voted not to raise club dues for 2017

Football Squares – Please email Scott Gordon on the 3 names you would like on your squares and let him know if you can sell more than three. Need this asap.

Guntersville Interest – Jason, Matt, Rob, Terry and Scott – Any more interested in Big Bass Splash?

Columbus Bassmasters 2017 Club Calendars $10 pick one up from Scott.

50/50 Bob Stowe $34