Lake Erie Lodging

Lake Erie Lodging

We are going to be spread out at three different locations for our two day Lake Erie tournament.  Little Ted’s that we normally get three cabins doesn’t have enough vacancy the week we are there.

We will have people staying at the following, will attempt to put boaters/non boaters together.

Little Teds – Sleeps 6

Early Wind Inn – Sleeps 12

Camp Perry – Sleeps 9

I have heard from the following people who are planning on attending:

  1. Will
  2. Bob
  3. Scott
  4. Rod
  5. Chad
  6. Damon – Friday Nite
  7. Rob
  8. Terry
  9. Ted
  10. Dave
  11. Brian
  12. Mike R
  13. Matt
  14. Andy
  15. KVD
  16. James
  17. Jason
  18. Dale
  19. Coulton
  20. Joe
  21. Rich
  22. Chris
  23. Al
  24. Mike M
  25. Dan

There is one or two more I haven’t heard from but we should have the room.

Please be sure to read what each one of these places furnish so you are prepared when you get there.



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