Couple Updates

CBM Officers and Roster Page

Please take a look and make sure your email address on that page is correct.  I am going to be putting together a new email distribution list and some on there are no longer working and some I just don’t have.  So please send Scott Gordon a email with your correct information or if I don’t have your name listed please email me as well.

Also if you are a member of National Pro Staff please let me know you homepage url and I will update it on this same page.

If your not a member of NPS you can join for free.  I am a paid member and have picked up several fishing sponsors that provide me a decent discount on my purchases for a little social media update on their products.  It’s a WIN WIN, Join NPS Today.

Also meant to update you at the meeting last week, that Ohio Bass Nation will be only allow puncture free cull tags to be used next year.  So you may want to put on your Christmas list some new cull tags.  I think there a few brands out there I know myself and a couple others are using Cal Coast Clip N Cull which are a little tricky at first but seem to work pretty well for me.  I purchased mine at Cal Coast Fishing and used tearemup15 for a 15% discount.  Click on the banner where you see tearemup15.

November Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

Will called meeting to order at 7pm

Attendance: Jeff, KVD, Rod, Matt, James, Rich, Kevin, Karl, Terry, Will, Scott, Rob, Dale, Coulton

Guest:  Brandon Hobbs (Welcome)

Treasurer Report: $1,739.42

Old Business:  Matt is still working with vendor on Jerseys

Buckeye Lake Grant: we didn’t make the cut but will continue to refine it and work at making some prototype fishing structures.  We will resubmit in the second round.  Anytime you make it out to Buckeye Lake to fish be sure to take some pictures in different areas to look at putting some structure.

OBN Format changes with regional s going down to a one weekend tournament that will be held on Mosquito in June.  More will be discussed about this at the annual meeting at Caesar’s Creek Visitor’s center.  Doors will open at 8am.  $10 dollars to get in.  Lunch will be provided.

CBM voted to purchase a table at Hoover Seminar February 17th to sell tackle, rods, reels.  Dale and Coulton will man the table for the group.  We will need volunteers for parking cars, making subs and helping at some of the presentations.

Football Squares coming up, each member will need to sell 3 Squares.

Name Plaques for banquet – James and Matt

Guntersville is March 23, 24 & 25th – Who is interested in going?

Volunteers are needed to help serve food at Hartley Hawg Banquet on November 29th @ 5-8pm

Meeting’s will move to the second Wednesday of each month beginning in January

2018 Lakes will be as follows: Dates TBD







Lake Erie

Good luck to Will, Tony, Karl and Rich at Kentucky Lake next week.  Bring back some wood!!

50/50 Kevin Hull $30

Club Meeting 11/1 Picking Lakes

Club Meeting Tonight

Guys just a few updates, we have dates for OBN and TBN tournaments so we should be able to pick lakes and get some dates set for 2018.

If you look at the Events Calendar you will see I have added the dates for many different tournaments that some of you have fished in the past.  This includes OBN and TBF.  If you have any more you would like me to include.  Let me know,

I don’t have our meetings on this calendar yet since they may be changing in 2018.