CBM September Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

Will called the meeting to order @ 7pm

Attendance – Will, Jeff, Brian Kajuan, Terry, James, Jason, Ted, Dave, Matt, Rich, Rob & Scott G.

Scott read out minutes for August

Jeff read out treasurer report $1,328.81

Tournament Director – Fishing Updates – TBF Lake Erie updates – TBF Youth on O’Shea.

Clearfork 09/18 be at ramp at 6:30am Tourney 7am-2pm

  1. Will – Dave
  2. Rod
  3. Al
  4. Damon
  5. Scott G – Bob S
  6. Terry – Kajuan
  7. Bob – Andy
  8. Dan – Jason
  9. Matt
  10. James – Brian
  11. Rich
  12. Rob – Ted

Environmental Projects – Discussion boat wash with youth or begin engineering fish structure.  Still on table.

50/50 $26 Terry Hall – imagine that!!

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